Deal Or No Deal For Free Or Real Money

Designing an online game that closely resembles one of the most popular new game shows on television is never easily. However the creators of Deal or No Deal have really out done themselves. Not only are the background, sound effects and graphics outstanding but the voices and the whole feel of the game is amazingly lifelike. In addition you can play Deal or No deal for free or real money, giving you a chance to learn all about the game before wagering.

Download and Play

It is really easy to play the game even if you have never seen the television game show. You will need to open an account and register online and then complete a quick download. It will automatically promote you to install the software and then you will be able to choose to play for money or for fun. Wagering starts with a low value of just fifty cents but you can also go the high roller route with a stake of up to one hundred dollars. The higher you wager the more you stand to win when you choose the right series of boxes.

Just Like On TV

Once you see the Deal or No Deal screen, which will all be in 3D, you will then see all 26 possible boxes. You will choose just one which will eventually become the optional prize box when you just have one box left at the end of the game. Starting the game by choosing six boxes and revealing the prizes helps you to make educated guesses about what prizes are still hidden and waiting to be selected. After each round the banker, playing the odds, will make you an offer of a prize amount. You can choose to select that amount and end the game or keep going and hope to find that huge prize. As you choose the number of boxes and they are cleared off the screen you will also see what prize amounts are left out there. You can then have a better feel for the risk associated with continuing the game or taking the banker's offer. Of course the banker also has this information so knowing the right balance of risk and reward is all part of the fun.

Winning Possibilities

While you can win by actually beating the banker and choosing your boxes wisely you can also win at Deal or No Deal for free or real money in other ways. By simply registering you can earn a promotional amount of £5, which is a good start on your stake. The banker option also allows players that play Deal or No Deal on Wednesdays to earn twenty percent of any losses deposited into their account the next day. This is nice little extra that can really add to your bankroll on Thursday. If you haven't tried Deal or No Deal for free or real money you don't know what fun you have been missing. It is absolutely lifelike and will certainly have you thinking and strategizing to maximize your winning choices.