GSN Online Casino

GSN Online Casino is a now on everyone lips. This casino has become one of the top gaming websites for online players. Anyone with a mobile phone can also download the application and play games whenever they are on the go. When you play at GSN or the Game Show Network Online Casino, there is a lot of fun to be had.

GSN Online considers itself to be the network for games and anyone who like play games for cash or in free mode. The GSN Online Casino is a part of a bigger company called It is well known for its large amount of television networks and gaming sites. It has a subsidiary called, Inc. that oversees the online casino. The site is also owned by Sony Entertainment.

International and US Players

The GSN Casino website is for US players who would like to gamble for real cash but the casino is designed differently than what players would expect. Players from the US can sign up and play the free games. They can also buy tokens and compete in competitions to win prize money. This is different than placing a direct wager on a betting table. There are limited payment and withdrawal methods. Players can use Paypal and major credit cards such as Visa as a deposit method.

GSN Online Casino Featured Game: Wheel of Fortune Slots

GSN Online Casino is different than other websites because players have the choice of playing for Oodles, Tokens or Cash. There are a large amount of games available to choose from. Players can select a variety of many games such as table, arcade, strategy, cash, game show, casino, cash, card, word, quick play and mobile games. The site features Oodletunities or Oodles of Opportunity games that people can play to win Oodles. Reward Points and Oodles can be redeemed for prizes, entries into games, gift cards, and jewelry auctions.

One of the most popular featured game on GSN Online Casino. The Wheel of Fortune Slots is considered to be the top television game show in America. It is no wonder that the slots game about it is so popular. This game is also available as a mobile slots app. The Wheel of Fortune game is available for free and as a cash game on the website. Players can purchase tokens to enjoy the excitement of Wheel of Fortune Slots. This gives the opportunity to win more tokens. There are also multiple prizes at each level for the top player.

GSN Online Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Players who love promotions, tournaments and prizes will enjoy their time at GSN Online Casino. There is a promotion on almost every game and more ways to win. Here are examples of promotions at the casino.

  • GSN Online Casino offers 12,500 token 500 Oodles to start off as a deposit in the casino account of new players.
  • There is a daily cash sweepstakes. Players can spend 75 Oodles for a chance to win $250.
  • There is also a Solitaire Rush tournament available. It will award prizes to the top 1,000 people with the highest scores.
  • GSN Online Casino also offers a weekly sweepstakes of 1 million Oodles to be won. Ten people will also win 10,000 Oodles.
  • Other auctions and sweepstakes are available from Target, Amazon and Whole Foods.

Now that you have an understanding of this casino, what are you waiting for? You can join so many other people when you play at GSN Online casino. Compete for cash and prizes or take part in an auction or sweepstakes to increase your winnings.