USA and 888 Poker

888 Poker 888 Holdings plc is a major provider of online poker rooms that are enjoyed by countless players in many countries. But at the moment they cannot launch poker rooms in the United States. However this might be changing in the near future, as the US is looking to allow poker rooms to be made available in the country again.

Indeed 888 is already putting plans in motion so that it can launch its poker rooms in the US when it is legally allowed to do so. If you know anything at all about 888 and what it has to offer, you’ll know just how exciting these prospects are.

What is 888 Poker?

888 Poker is an online poker room that is offered to UK players. It is packed with lots of exciting features that have made it a sure favorite among poker players who love dipping in and out of the online games.

What can you expect from the 888 Poker site?

The site offers a free and easy software download to get you started. Players who want to try the games without committing to any bets can opt for the instant play version to try games for free.

One of the most intriguing features of 888 Poker is the webcam facility that brings you to the PokerCam Tables. Now you can see your opponents as you play! You’ll also get the chance to play in 3D for an even better experience.

What kinds of promotions have been on offer recently for UK players?

888 Poker has been offering a huge 100% welcome bonus for new players. Whatever you decide to deposit in your account, 888 Poker will match it. They’ll do this up to an amazing £230,000!

They’re also offering £5 to every UK player who signs up – even without depositing anything in their account. Other worthwhile promotions include the LG 2012 Mega Event. This sees all kinds of prizes up for grabs, including televisions and smartphones. As you can see, 888 Poker offers an amazing array of bonuses and benefits to look out for.

Keep an eye out for the advent of 888 Poker in the US soon

If all goes according to plan, 888 Poker will be made available to US players in the near future. Keep an eye out for the latest news reports to find out when.