3 Clowns Scratch

Play 3 Clowns Scratch now! Anyone who has ever enjoyed playing slots, cards, or scratch games will be excited to learn about the 3 Clowns Scratch Card game. The ultimate goal in this game that takes players under the Big Top and into the circus is to uncover the hidden clowns to win prizes. Wagering, playing, and winning are simple in 3 Clowns Scratch, so play today at an online casino .

Learn how to Play 3 Clowns Scratch

When you're ready to play the 3 Clowns Scratch game, you'll need to know how to place a wager, what to look for, and how to know if you've won. You'll initially see a screen with 9 squares, all of which will be concealed from view. Players will be able to choose to practice the game for free or will have the chance to set a wager, which will help determine how much cash they'll get on a win. Simply select your wager and click on the card to uncover individual squares; 3 clowns in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line mean that you've won!

3 Clowns Scratch Offers Cute Graphics

In addition to the adorably chubby-faced clowns in the game, players will see icons like an Elephant on a Ball, Rings of Fire, a Big Top Tent, Juggling Pins & Rings, Tickets, a Rabbit in a Hat, Balloon Animals, and a Unicycle. When 3 Clowns have been discovered, animated balloons rise to the top of the screen and describe what the player has won. Unlike the audio in many games of this kind, the music that accompanies 3 Clowns Scratch is not the least bit annoying. Enjoy the sounds, graphics, and winning potential of Playtech's 3 Clown Scratch game today.

Autoplay Makes 3 Clowns Scratch Easy

Some players will choose to reveal every square individually, while others will choose the "Scratch All" button, and still others will use the autoplay feature when playing 3 Clowns Scratch. In order to use autoplay, the gambler will need to decide whether they want 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 games played. Autoplay starts instantly and reveals all covered squares at one time. Get started today to enjoy the simple, but completely enjoyable, 3 Clown Scratch Card game.

Pick Your Favorite Gaming Format

Online gamblers tend to fall into 2 distinct categories: Those who like their games in a flash, instant play format, and those who prefer the downloadable version. It doesn't matter which group you're in when playing 3 Clowns Scratch; the game is available in both flash and for download. Enjoy the freedom of choice in 3 Clowns Scratch.

Play Today for Your Chance to Win

If you enjoy the excitement of playing online games for real cash prizes, give 3 Clowns Scratch a try. Don't miss your chance to win great prizes, enjoy incredible graphics, and have an excellent online gaming experience. Take a chance on winning today!