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At Sunshine Slots Casinos UK, our aim is to provide you with the best online slots, casinos, and software. While this may seem a bit daunting, we have already provided our US players with a comprehensive site featuring reviews for every online casino that offers the best games, software, best payment options, no deposit bonus casinos, and more. Now we want our UK friends to reap the benefits of our years of experience in finding the very best online casinos and software designed especially for you. As you can see, Sunshine-Slots UK is now in the process of listing the best slot games and online casinos that we have reviewed and consider to be the best of the lot.

Best Rated UK Casinos

How to join an online casino

Aha, the best task of all! Firstly, you should always select a UK casino that has a good pedigree. Pick one that has been around for a while and is reliable and trusted in the online arena. There are lots of them, and one of them could be your favourite.

You should also make sure there are enough games there that you like. Most casinos allow you to view the game collection prior to signup, at least in part. Make sure the site is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission too, as this confirms it meets all regulatory requirements. You will also need to confirm your identity and age prior to getting full access to the site.

There should be no need to deposit anything until you feel ready to do so. Having some time to look around once you have signed up is a good move, as it means you can play some demo titles and then - and only then - consider playing real games.

What are the best casinos for UK players?

There are some great casinos UK players can sign up to. Check out our latest updated list of casinos to see which ones you won't want to miss out on. They do not all offer games from the same developers, so make sure you see names you recognise and like to play games from. Getting more than one developer at the same casino is good news!

Check out the finest Wager Gaming casinos online today

UK players get the opportunity to play some fine titles from Wager Gaming if they choose the right casinos to play at. These titles include many three-reel and five-reel slots, with ideas for series in which several slots are based on a similar and engaging idea. If you think you know slots, think again. Wager Gaming has some tricks up its sleeves that we think you are going to enjoy.

Expect some cool sequels to crop up at RTG casinos

RTG is also known as Realtime Gaming, but however you decide to refer to it, you can certainly expect to get the best out of its games at selected UK casinos. One thing we love about RTG is their passion for a good sequel. You can check out the opportunities by looking for titles such as Cash Bandits and Bubble Bubble, both of which have sequels that are just as popular as the original titles.

Betsoft casinos are the ones to view if you love 3D slot games

Betsoft is king of the 3D slot game. At least, we think so - and we suspect you'll agree when you see their collection of slots at selected online casinos. They pack in stunning graphics and make sure every theme they touch brings you into the heart of the action. Look out too for older games, classics, and three-reel delights.

What should you expect from Rival casinos?

Did you know Rival is home to the i-Slot? This is a type of slot that is unique to Rival Gaming - the interactive slot. You could say lots of games are interactive, but these do it in a different way. You can expect to get the chance to play in different ways that progress your status in a story. For a great example of i-Slot action from Rival, look out for the As the Reels Turn trilogy of games.

There are some familiar faces in Microgaming casinos

Microgaming has released games connected to famous films and television shows, so if you like some familiarity when you play slots, their collection is one to dip into. Not all their games feature in that area though - you can expect lots of innovative and original titles there too.

Expect the best in Playtech casinos

Playtech is another major brand responsible for creating some stunning slot games you'll find in any casinos carrying their titles. Being treated to some famous characters in some and unusual scenarios in others gives you the perfect balance you're bound to enjoy.

Are you ready to try some great casino slots?

Did you know there are thousands to choose from? Most UK casinos have a collection numbering at least 100 games, but there are several that have many more available than that. Our advice is to choose a casino offering games from several sources. The more sources you find, the more games there are and the greater options you've got to find new titles to play whenever you visit.


Don't forget there are table games to find too

Yes, there are, and you can usually expect to see blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and several other options as well. Many casinos offer different variations of blackjack and roulette as well, with the possibility of trying some live dealer versions of those games too. If you are in the mood for some table games occasionally, make sure your chosen casino offers some that you like.

What about finding some UK poker sites?

There are two types of poker you could try:

  • Video poker
  • Regular poker games

Video poker is good for players who like slots and want to try a version of poker that has similarities with their favourite games. Regular poker games are just like the ones you would find in a real casino. You'll need a good knowledge of poker to play those, hence why some find video poker more enjoyable. Make sure you understand the rules before you play and find a table that is within your budget if you decide to participate.

Did you know there are plenty of UK bingo sites too?

There are, and some have game areas covering slots and table games as well. Bingo games are on offer every day, with regular start times and different jackpots to go for. Some games offer full house jackpots while others have prizes for one-line and two-line outcomes. You can usually start buying tickets from a penny apiece, with free bingo a possibility at some sites as well.

UK sports betting is sometimes on offer as well

The UK is home to many major sporting events. Some websites have one area covering casino games and another area offering sports betting. Live in-game betting is another possibility, along with changing odds and popular events and sports covered. Some even have other national and worldwide events, such as giving odds on the outcome of a political election. Expect a sportsbook and racebook at such sites.

Is it wise to find casino tournaments to enter too?

Some players love these while others never touch them. Where do you fall in the scheme of things? You can check out the opportunity to enter a freeroll tournament if you are curious. These require no buy-in fee and you can play the game in that tournament just as you usually would if you were betting on it for real. This gives you a chance to get prizes in the game as normal, while also trying to rank in the tournament leaderboard. Paid tourneys usually have bigger prizes on offer, so watch out for those too.

What kinds of bonuses and promotions should you expect?

These vary from one casino to the next. We like to see a good welcome offer, but we also like seeing casinos with a range of good deals available for existing members. Some tend to forget about players once they have joined, so we recommend looking for ongoing promotions throughout the year if you can.

200% up to €1000
Up to $6000 + 300 Free Spins
50% up to R3,000 + 100 Free Spins on Buffalo Mania Deluxe

Signup bonuses make the best of your opening bankroll

A good signup bonus gives you a percentage on top of whatever you decide to deposit for the first time. Sometimes, you might get bonuses on the first two, three, or more deposits. We've seen bonuses on up to 10 deposits at selected casinos. Sometimes, there might be free spins in it for you as well.

What are no deposit bonuses then?

These are the best ones of all… sign up for a free account at your chosen casino and they will give you a bonus for doing so. There are conditions attached to such bonuses, but they give you a chance to play for real prizes without using your own cash to do so to start with.

How can UK players find free spins to use at these casinos?

Search for them online - that is our best advice. We will bring you news of the latest offers when we have them. Oftentimes, the release of a new slot will trigger a deal like this to crop up. At other times, you might see seasonal slots offered with some free spins to play them.

Are free chips any different to free spins?

A free chip is worth a set amount, say £5 or £10. As with all casino deals, there are conditions attached. However, you can expect to use that chip to play some games at the casino. You might need to meet certain requirements (wagering requirements or conditions), but they are still nice to find.

How to find bonus codes to use at UK casinos

Some are on the casino sites themselves. Others can be found by looking for them online. Look for the casino name and the term 'bonus codes', to see what pops up. You can also look for the latest codes right here - we will bring you news of anything we find.

Should you expect casino rewards as well?

Rewards are another way that UK casinos attract the attention of players. You might want to look for a rewards programme that is open to all, as some are restricted to qualifying players only. You usually need to wager a lot to qualify for such programmes. However, if you find a casino offering VIP points or comp points for all players making real wagers, you know you can start earning them when you play for real.

What are the biggest payouts being made right now?

The biggest payouts always come from the progressive jackpot games. Most software developers create some games that have these jackpots. Some have games offering more than one such jackpot. While the odds are always going to be long on winning these, they are still good to find. News of big winners often appears at sites where those players managed to beat the odds.

Why are demo games so important?

If you want to play a game just for its appeal or to pass the time, demo games are your best option. These games are available at lots of online casinos, so UK players can try all the ones they like the look of the most. You can then see which ones you would like to move on to the real versions of. Different games use different coin values too, so you need to consider which ones would best fit your available budget to play.

Play for real money at a UK casino

If your ideal scenario is to sign up to a casino and play the real games for a chance of winning prizes, you'll find tons of slots and casino games to choose from. You will also get the chance to find games that suit your budget and allow you to play for prizes for longer. It's worth remembering that entertainment is key - potential prizes are an additional perk.

Bitcoin casinos are becoming more popular as well

There are two types of Bitcoin casinos around today:

  • Those that accept Bitcoin and other payment methods
  • Those that only accept Bitcoin

In the latter group, you might also find casinos accepting Bitcoin and one or more other virtual currencies. Many UK casinos have added Bitcoin to their existing selection of banking methods, so there is a lot of versatility and opportunity here. The games are just as good, so it is down to how you want to deposit and withdraw money when it comes to it.

Is it worth joining any of the newest casinos online today?

It's quite surprising how many new casinos crop up over the internet when you start looking for them… or even if you don't. We prefer playing at established casinos, but it can be tempting to try a new casino occasionally too. Always check they have the right credentials and look out for the chance to claim a good welcome offer. That casino wants to attract players, so it is likely to have some good deals on offer.

Do live dealer casinos get you closer to the real casino experience?

We think so. There are limitations to playing online, of course, but there are significant advantages to doing so as well. It's convenient for starters, as you don't need to go out to find a casino to play at. Some would say the experience of playing online removes you from the live feel you get at a real casino. That's true enough, hence why live dealer casinos have become more popular. They get you closer to the casino action, with the ability to talk to the dealers and see the action unfolding in front of you. Watch out for these tables at selected UK online casinos whenever you get the chance to visit.

Do many of the UK online casinos offer instant play?

Yes, you should find many of the leading brands have instant play casinos to enter. Downloads are possible too at some of them, but you might want to consider opting for the instant play scenario because it is easier to use. You don't need to wait for anything to download onto your computer - and that's even better if you're not always on the same computer when you visit your favourite UK casino. Look for options to enter the instant play casino area whenever you visit a site.

Mobile play is getting easier by the day

Even a decade ago, people would not have been able to imagine what it would be like to play games on a tablet or smartphone. Technology has improved by incredible amounts, making it possible today to play your favourite slots and other casino games in the palm of your hand. It might sound like a cliché but being able to access those games in any location on a small screen is great news. If you have a login for a UK casino, you can use that login wherever you are. Once you are in your account on your phone or tablet, you can visit the mobile versions of the games you love most of all.

Looking for casino apps to use

Android apps and iOS apps are easy enough to find, but do all casinos use them? No, not always. If a casino does offer a mobile app, chances are they will display news about it on their main website. If not, you can usually just visit the mobile version of the casino in your mobile browser and log in from there. With mobile browsers more powerful and faster than ever, many casinos are choosing not to develop separate apps for players to use.

As for desktop and laptop options, some casinos have downloadable software to use if you want it. However, instant play casinos are probably more popular nowadays. That means you'll likely see both options, and in some cases just the instant play version.

Learning from reading casino blogs and forums

Some casinos include a blog on their site for players to read. We have never seen a forum provided as part of an online casino. However, you can expect to find plenty of blogs and forums that are connected to the online gaming arena. There are fans of the casino world that have set up blogs for other fans to read. Some of those sites also have forums attached, while others are based on forum entries and nothing else.

If you want to learn more about the casino world in general or about the experiences other people have had at an online casino, use these sites to your advantage. Look out for blog posts about those casinos or perhaps forum entries where people are sharing their experiences. Both could help you figure out whether the site you have found is the best one for you to use.

Choosing payment methods when you're playing for real

If you are going beyond demo play to try some real games at your selected UK casino, it is a good idea to confirm which payment methods you can use there. Some casinos offer far more than others, but you'll want to look for four main methods, often with more than one option in each category:

  • Online wallets
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Payment cards or vouchers

Some sites also accept a direct bank transfer. You'll see names such as Skrill, Visa, Neteller, paysafecard, Bitcoin, and various other options cropping up at many casinos. Think about which methods would suit you best and make sure you can use them before signing up to a casino.

Look for your favourite support options

Our favourite is always going to be live chat. Why? Simply because it is mostly available around the clock, 24/7, throughout the year. Some sites limit its availability but even then, when it is available, it means you get a quick reply to whatever query you might have. You also get the chance to leave a message if they are busy and cannot respond to you when you ask your query. Other methods of contact ought to include phone numbers and email addresses. Some casinos offer different ones for different departments.

Online Slots

Although this is just the tip of the iceberg, we offer you reviews for each of the slots listed, as well as the casinos where these slot games can be played and enjoyed by our UK friends. We will be adding more and more slot games to the list and provide comprehensive information on game play as well - from the best Bingo sites to the best online casinos.

Online Software

Perhaps the most well-known software company is Microgaming, with Playtech coming in a close second. In an effort to give you as many tools and resources to make your online gaming experience an enjoyable one, we will provide you with a list of online casinos utilizing these software companies, so that you can choose the best online casino that meets your expectations. We will explore their promotions, welcome bonuses, payment options, customer support services, and casino games.


As part of Sunshine-Slots UK commitment to our players, we will also provide up to date information on the latest news that may affect your online play. This will encompass new slot game releases, the launching of new online casinos, a winner's corner, software updates, and the like.