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At Sunshine Slots Casinos UK, our aim is to provide you with the best online slots, casinos, and software. While this may seem a bit daunting, we have already provided our US players with a comprehensive site featuring reviews for every online casino that offers the best games, software, best payment options, no deposit bonus casinos, and more. Now we want our UK friends to reap the benefits of our years of experience in finding the very best online casinos and software designed especially for you. As you can see, Sunshine-Slots UK is now in the process of listing the best slot games and online casinos that we have reviewed and consider to be the best of the lot.

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Online Slots

Best Online SlotsAlthough this is just the tip of the iceberg, we offer you reviews for each of the slots listed, as well as the casinos where these slot games can be played and enjoyed by our UK friends. We will be adding more and more slot games to the list and provide comprehensive information on game play as well – from the best Bingo sites to the best online casinos.

Latest News

As part of Sunshine-Slots UK commitment to our players, we will also provide up to date information on the latest news that may affect your online play. This will encompass new slot game releases, the launching of new online casinos, a winner’s corner, software updates, and the like.

Online Software

Perhaps the most well-known software company is Microgaming, with Playtech coming in a close second. In an effort to give you as many tools and resources to make your online gaming experience an enjoyable one, we will provide you with a list of online casinos utilizing these software companies, so that you can choose the best online casino that meets your expectations. We will explore their promotions, welcome bonuses, payment options, customer support services, and casino games.

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