Roaring Twenties Bingo

Roaring Twenties Bingo is not a game for the faint hearted in fact your heart will be racing when you start playing this exciting multi card Bingo game from Real Time Gaming. This is a game where players can play up to 100 cards per draw with bets on each card ranging from $0.01 up to $5 which offers a very wide betting range and welcomes every level of player with every budget. This is an online Bingo game that has never been seen before online and offers players not just one but three different progressive jackpots, a maxi, a major and a minor. The values of the progressive jackpots can be seen on screen together with the option of viewing up to 14 cards at any one time with four cards in the foreground. The more players that join the game, the greater the progressive jackpots grow.

Play Up to 100 Bingo Cards Per Game

Roaring Twenties Bingo is played as any other Bingo game with a few additions and extras. Players can choose the number of cards that they want to place bets on; once this is done they can sit back and watch the numbers be called or opt for the auto play option where the game progresses automatically. During play there are a number of extra features to look out for which add to the excitement of the game. The wild ball feature is a ball that is randomly thrown out to the cards and if it hits in the middle of one of the cards increases the winning chances immediately. Players who are playing a full round of 100 Bingo cards can also opt for the extra ball feature where they can draw an extra five balls which may bring in more winning chances. The maxi progressive jackpot is awarded for a full card and any additional full cards in a round will pay out a jackpot of 10000 USD. The major and minor jackpots are awarded totally at random at the end of any number call.

Auto Play Option for Busy Players

There is so much going on in this game that players can also make use of the bet tracker which follows the bets for each player and keeps a record of results and of course wins. Auto play is also an option for busy players who want to enjoy the game yet don’t have time to sit and watch each number being drawn. In this game is important to remember that the winning is not just the progressive jackpots there are a number of different configurations which can be viewed on the pay chart with vertical line payouts, horizontal line payouts, diagonals and different patterns. These payouts start at multiples of one coin for diagonal patterns and 100 x the coin bet for a T and 250 x the coin bet for an outside box. Playing is definitely believing when it comes to Roaring Twenties Bingo and this is an excellent addition to the Real Time Gaming portfolio.