UK Politics Betting

We are all used to the idea of placing bets on the outcome of a horse race, or a tennis match, or a football match. But recent times have seen a surge in betting for political events, too. This is an area of betting that is still in its early stages, but we think it is showing all the signs of becoming a much bigger concern.

Just as you could place a bet on who you think will win the Superbowl each year, so you can also place a bet on who might become the next President of the United States. You might also bet on who will be the next British Prime Minister, or the next political party to take control in any given country.

Which political events can you place wagers on in the US?

While betting on who the next President might be is the most obvious way to place a political bet, there are plenty of other things you could bet on as well. For example, you might decide to bet on the Democrats taking control after the next Presidential election in 2022. Or you might feel the Republicans are going to win.

You don’t need to wait until nearer the time to place your bets, either. Clearly, the odds are going to vary markedly between now and 2022, depending on the political events that will occur and which way the outcome is likely to swing. Some bettors like to put their bets in early when the odds could tip in their favor.

Just imagine how long the odds might have been following the 2016 Presidential election if you had placed a bet on Donald Trump becoming the next President of the United States. We’re sure someone made a good win on those odds! Trying to guess the next President now, when we still have three years to go, could be a good challenge.

Foreign political events to bet on

You can get odds on any political events, whether it means betting on the outcome of elections in Britain, Germany, France, Switzerland… you name it, you get the chance to see whether you can choose the right answer.

Political betting is certainly becoming a lot more popular, and it is easy to see why. You can bet on political parties, local elections, state wins, and much more. Will you give political betting a try in the near future too?