Virgin Gaming

The Virgin Group Ltd.brand is well known throughout the UK. It is owned by Richard Branson and involves financial services, an airline, media company comprising broadband, television and mobile and many other products. The latest addition to the Virgin Group is called Virgin Gaming. This website is a way for people to play games and participate in tournaments for cash. It is also a type of social network for gamers. Anyone who likes online gaming will enjoy what is on offer. These games can be played on the computer and game consoles such as the XBox and PS3.

Getting Started

Getting started is fairly easy. It involves signing up for a free account. It is open to players from all over the world including some residents from the United States. Players who reside in states such as Delaware, Florida, Arizona, Nebraska, Tennessee or Vermont will not be able to play. There are only 35 states where is it allowed to play games for money. However, players much be at least 18 years old. After you have signed up, you can then play against a friend or join one of the many tournaments available.

There is free play and a paid version available. You will have to put money into your account if you would like to play for money. This is done using credit cards such as Visa or Mastercard. Paypal is also accepted as a payment option. The site is encrypted and does not store personal payment information.

Featured Game: FIFA 13

Players do not have to deposit to win money. They can just use the tournaments that are free for players to enter. If a Virgin gaming player is successful and wins at least three games in a row, he can have $20 as prize money. The great thing is that players will have an unlimited amount of opportunities to win these three games. All you have to do is pick a game and win three times to qualify. The great thing about using Virgin Gaming is finding other gamers who are in your skill level.

One featured game is the FIFA 13 on the XBOX. It is based on the world renowned FIFA organization which oversees international football and the World Cup. This game is played on the XBox 360. It was created by EA Sports and highlights the action of world football with the reality and physical play you would expect.

Bonuses and Tournaments at Virgin Gaming

Other than winning three times in same game and receiving $20, players can also receive prizes in individual games. The most notable tournament is the FIFA13 Challenge Football Tournament. It has some great prizes and is played exclusively for the XBox and PS3. The tournament is divided into Head to Head Online Qualifiers round and then a second Final 32 Knockout round. The Grand Prize winner for this tournament can altogether look forward to some great prizes:

  • The first is a Samsung 40" LED Smart TV
  • The second is the Tivo Premier Collection which consists of aTB TiVo box that provides 175 channels, at least 60MB broadband, with a free 1 year subscription.
  • The third item to be rewarded is a 16GB iPad 6GB
  • The fourth is a £200 Amazon voucher.
  • The Grand Prize winner will also receive $100 or £65 credit in hi Virgin Gaming account

Even just reaching the Final 32 Knockout round will reward losing players with $100 credit into their Virgin Gaming account.

Now that you know more about Virgin Gaming, sign up and start playing. You can choose the instant play Virgin Gaming and see how good you are at beating other players in a tournament.