Chinese Kitchen Slots

As one of the more unique types of online games, Chinese Kitchen Slots will leave you with lots of winning possibilities and a definite craving for a trip to your favorite Asian restaurant. The sounds, graphics and the overall fun of the game is truly a slot player's dream, plus you will also enjoy the very non-traditional symbols and slot action of this game.

Order Up Some Winning Combinations

The unusual format of Chinese Kitchen Slots is actually very easy to catch onto. While it looks like a traditional slot machine in a three by three grid it is, in reality, a nine reel slot. Each of the nine squares in the game spins independently, not on a larger reel as in most other slots. The result in a nine reel, eight payline type of game. The game itself will highlight all the various winning combinations as they occur with each spin.

Betting On The Game

As with any type of slot machine Chinese Kitchen Slots offers gamblers the option to choose their bet amount based on the number of coins per payline. The total number of coins that can be bet per payline is three and the top coin value is five. Once you choose your coin and bet amount you simply hit the spin button and sit back and watch the dazzling display as the nine symbols spin.

Tasty Symbols

The symbols are really fun in this game and they may be a bit unconventional but still highly colorful. There are yellow snails, green frogs, starfish, chicken, octopus, crabs and some very strange looking and rather unusual caterpillars, all set out and ready for a feast. The green turtle, if found three times in a row multiplies any winnings but 1000 times, so this is definitely a symbol to watch for. The crab can also pay out with one two or three displayed anywhere on the active paylines. All other symbols on the reels pay out when three are present across the screen. Playing Chinese Kitchen Slots is a fun way to play with your food. You will enjoy the colors, the fun sounds and the unique nine reel set-up of the game. There is the option to play this game for free to try it out, but you will want to start gambling with real cash as soon as possible to maximize your good fortune in finding this Playtech online slot game.