Diamond Valley

When you are looking for a fun and exciting slot game, you will want to consider the option of playing Diamond Valley from Playtech. This game has a progressive payout and is one of the more popular options in video slots if you are looking for a game that is easy to understand and offers options and ways to play that will provide quick and easy payouts for you to be able to win.

How Much You Can Win

Since it is a 5 line game that only offers the option to place $1.00 bets per line there are not different amounts. It is not variable in the way you place the bets. You are able to place your bets on a maximum of 5 lines. The jackpot for this game is progressive and the second option you can win is a maximum of 5000 coins. There are other ways you can play and win as well on these games. You can win even more if you are able to make it to the bonus round or if you are able to get to the scatters to increase your payouts and to win extra coins without needing to play in the traditional way.

Simple Yet Fun

Diamond Valley offers a simple yet exciting way to be able to play the game. Since it is a straightforward 5 line game in which you only win straight across you will be able to know if you are a winner right away. You will not need to wait and decipher if your spin was the big winner ever if you play all 5 lines. This allows you to be able to find relax while you are playing and to be able to put your mind at ease while you are playing. There are different payouts for different spins and lineups across the lines. You can win different ways based on the number of matching symbols and amounts across the lines. Whether you have matched 3, 4 or 5 items in a single line, you could be a winner in Diamond Valley. The small prizes you could win can make a large difference in the overall amount you will play and win when you are at the game. Being able to know that you have a chance to win and can win that much more on the next spin will make it all the more enticing and challenging.