Girls with Guns Jungle Heat Slots

Are you looking for something different than the regular slots game? Well, the first in the series, when you play Girls With Guns Jungle Heat slots game, you will see why it is what you are looking for. This game has a jungle or military combat theme, but the symbols are women.

This games transports us to the jungle where a group of six beautiful women use hand grenades to protect themselves. This game is offered as part of the microgaming software.

The software for this game is quite remarkable. It is fast-paced and beautifully designed. Players will enjoy the rich graphics as they see these women deal with attacks from the bad guys.

Facts About the Game

Girls With Guns Jungle Heat is a multi-way slots games. This means there are many ways and combinations to receive a win on the reels. It is a 243- ways video slots game making it possible to win 243 different ways. Therefore, players are not constrained to a small number of ways to win.

This slots game also has 5 reels to view your wins. Wagers are placed by line and can be as little as $0.01 up to $0.05. This means that the maximum wager per way someone can place on the game is 30 coins. The minimum wager per way is 3 coins.

Players can successfully win a large amount from this game. The largest payout per way is 8000 coins or 97,200 in currency. Thus, a slots player can win a considerable amount by placing the maximum wager for all different ways.

Players will enjoy the Girls With Guns Jungle Heat Slots . The main characters in the game are six girls or Amazons who all know how to handle a gun. There is Maria, Jess, Kira, Zoe, Alex and their leader Katherine who smokes a cigar.

The symbols in the game include the six girls with guns, along with Face Cards, Scatter symbol and the Game logo. There is both a wild symbol and a scatter symbol for Girls With Guns Jungle Heat Slots. The Game Logo is the Wild symbol, while the Group Shot silhouette of the girls is a Special Wild symbol. The Grenades Symbol are the Scatter symbol. The Wild and Special Wild symbols will substitute for all except the Scatter symbol.

Jungle Heat Bonus Game Features and Multipliers

There is no bonus game, but the Girls With Guns Slots game does reward free spins, stacked wilds and numerous chances to win. When the Wild symbol is obtained, more ways to win are possible. If the Special Wild symbol occurs on the third reel, it will substitute and make the entire reel wild.

Players can obtain free spins with the scatter symbol. The girls will throw grenades while blowing kisses. Any of the 3, 4 or 5 grenades will not give a multiplier but will give up to 15 free spins. These free spins can be re-triggered. Also during the free spins rounds, the reels will turn wild randomly. The beauty of Girls With Guns Jungle Heat Slots are the stacked wilds. These also occur to turn entire reels wild to increase player winnings.

So this is your personal invitation to play Girls With Guns Jungle Heat Slots. See if you can help these six beauties outwit the bad guys while you rack on the amount of wins you receive. Just keep in mind that this game is in your favor with 243 ways to win.