Great Blue Slots

Sometimes the title of a slots game will give you an excellent idea of what it is all about. This is certainly the case with Great Blue, which is based on an underwater theme.

If you download and play Great Blue today , you can expect to be entertained by the following superb features.

How many reels and paylines does the game have?

The Great Blue game has five reels and a total of twenty five paylines you can play if you want to. This gives you a nice array of choices to make, depending on your budget and the size of your individual line bet.

What are the minimum and maximum bets you will play?

The game has a good few option to choose from with regard to the size of your bet. You can start with a low wager of a penny per line if you wish, and you can go all the way up to 5.00 per line.

What kinds of symbols are in play in the game?

This is a game all about the sea so you can expect to find lots of relevant symbols there. Sharks, whales, fish and even pearls can all be found popping up on the reels. But will you manage to get them in winning combinations?

The whale is the wild symbol and the shell with the pearl inside is the scatter symbol.

Is there a bonus round to try and find?

Yes there is, and it takes the form of free spins. The idea is that you will win some free spins and you then get to choose from the shells that you see on the screen. This could result in getting more free spins.

At any rate your chances of winning a prize are good, and you will also get multiplier values to increase your winnings on every occasion.

Download and play Great Blue today for a fabulous experience!

This game has a beautiful blue hue and it is a very calming one to play. You will love the variety and combinations of symbols that can come together to make the game a real joy to play.

Watch out too for those free spins and multipliers, because this is where the prize money can really start to add up. Play Great Blue now and see whether you can bag a nice prize.