Mid Life Crisis Slots

Anyone who has ever gone through a Midlife Crisis will understand the appeal of this slot machine game. In addition making the player feel young again, Midlife Crisis Slots game offers free spins, a bonus round, multiple scatters, and tons of fun. Anyone on the verge of a Midlife Crisis should play this 5 reel, 9 payline game; the extra cash will help when you buy that sports car!

Wager Cash, Win Cash

In order to win enough cash to support a Midlife Crisis, players must place a wager in the game. The good news is that coin sizes range between $0.01 and $5.00 per line. The game offers players 9 paylines to bet on, and it’s advisable to use all of them, regardless of coin size.

Midlife Crisis-Related Symbols Line the Reels

Symbols that accurately depict a Midlife Crisis line the reels in this slot; some of these include the Balding Man, Blond Woman, Brunette Woman, Red-Haired Woman, Gold Medallion Necklace, Sports Car, Motorcycle, Wig, Parachute, Pills, and a Yacht. Some of these icons are more important than others; keep reading to learn more.

The game doesn’t offer a wild symbol, but instead provides several scatter symbols that can lead to a series of interesting cash prizes and other awards. The scatter symbols for Midlife Crisis Slots include the Balding Man, the Blond, Brunette, and the Red-Head, the Gold Medallion, and the Wig. Certain combinations of these symbols can trigger the bonus feature. Lucky players who spin the Balding Man, Gold Medallion, and the Wig on the reels at the same time will score a sweet scatter win!

Pick Your Poison

Anyone who has ever heard the phrase, “Pick Your Poison” will understand how it relates to a Midlife Crisis, and the slots game does a nice job turning those words into prizes. To trigger the bonus round, players must spin all 3 Women on the reels. Once the Blond, Brunette, and Red-Head have appeared anywhere on the reels, the gamer will get to choose from several poisons; choose carefully because prizes are hidden in the poisons, and the game ends if you reveal Uncle Sam! This feature offers an amazing prize potential that could reach as high as 4000 coins.

Everyone Wants to Win the Progressive Jackpot

Like many other slots, Midlife Crisis offers players the chance to win a progressive jackpot after any spin, regardless of whether the player wins or loses. Since the ticker stating the amount of the jackpot is found at the top of the game screen, it’s always easy for players to keep track of how much they could win at any given moment.

Go Ahead… Have a Midlife Crisis

This game is one time that having a Midlife Crisis is a great idea! You’ll have the chance to enjoy entertaining symbols on the reels, a fun bonus game, and the chance to win incredible cash prizes. If you’re an online slots fan, get started with this exciting game today !