Mile High Slots

Mile High brings us another impressive slot game that promises addictive gaming with a beautiful game design. As soon as you open the game you will be greeted with a colorful, and immerse game setting sharing the screen with well-palleted buttons and gorgeous text will drive your fingers to continue clicking the 'spin' button. Designed in the typical 5 reel 25 pay line style, you will be able to engage familiarity alongside new twists and clever airplane innuendos. Mile High features a max jackpot of 8,000 coins, a paying scatter, bonus features, two wild icons, and a free-to-play feature. The bets range from $.01 to $5.00 and a max credit of 125 per game. Wow, what other game can boast so many features with such low betting prices and a big jackpot?

Scatters, and the Bonus

There are two scatters one may stumble upon while playing Mile High Airplane Scatters- When two or more appear, a random payout will be given on something across the board. If three or more appear a free game feature will occur. The three free game features included are 5 free games (16x multiplier) , 8 free games (9x multiplier), and 12 free games (4x multiplier). So the general idea is try to win the less amount of free games to achieve the higher multiplier, however, it's really a win-win scenario. Kiss Scatters only appear across the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels. When three Kissing Lips symbols appear across the three reels the player may win the monetary amount hidden. However, if you are lucky enough you can win all three of the prizes! (the kiss scatter can not occur during free games however)

The two wilds:

The two wilds that appear are the “man” who is situated on the 2nd reel, and the hostess who is only seen on the 4th reel.

Mile High Jackpots in the Sky!

Mile High offers a complete package with Mile High including a fun game, great incentives, and amazing bonus features that will captivate even the most stingy of gamblers. Now sometimes almost cartoon-like graphics may be a turn off, but the beautifully rendered slot game is almost addicting to the eyes and each spin will have you more enthralled within the skies. Mile High not only offers a clever jab at the old slot machine games, but a motivational kick forward to the genre; urging a a focus on appearance, risk, and not skimping out on what the consumers wants the most: the winnings. And if you have ever felt worrisome on other games of such a thing, this game will not fall to the same fate. Mile High is an impressive game that stands out in an already cramped genre.