Monte Cristo

Many of the best new games out in the casinos are those that are based on the classics of literature and film. This is certainly true for the Monte Cristo game. It is true to the classic story and even caries this through with various free games, bonus games and levels of play that will keep you on your toes. Like the best in online video games this is a visual feast for your eyes. Exploding walls, lots of interactive features and a tantalizing mystery will keep you coming back to for more. Unlike a slot or a traditional type of casino game this is a welcome winning addition to any online gambler's favorite list.

Playing The Game

This is a skill type of game that allows you to bounce a "ball" off a background to get to prizes and rewards that are locked in behind bricks and stones. By skillfully placing the bounces you can maximize your winnings. Each ball can be bounced only 10 times so it is important to think and work your strategy.

Scenes and Strategy

There are two different main game screens, one that is in the castle, the Chateau d'If, and one which is on Monte Cristo Island in a cave. As you work through the blocks by blasting away with the ball you will create a pathway that allows you to move between screens. Should you find the bomb symbol in your blast you will automatically take out all surrounding blocks. The heart symbol will give you three extra bounces while the skull symbol will end that entire game round.

Special Features

To get the free rounds it is important to hit blocks the reveal the "Free Game" symbol. When you hit this symbol you receive 5 free games automatically. The "Free Game" symbol can appear in these games but it only provides you with one extra game if you are already in the free game option. The bonus symbol will automatically take you to another screen which is the dank and dark dungeon. Click on a door to reveal a prize. If you happen to get more than one bonus symbol to trigger this feature the symbols will act as multipliers to your total winning amount. The second level of the bonus round is the elegant castle with two very decorative doors. Click on one of these two to also receive the hidden prize.

A Different Option

Having a game like Monte Cristo is a great way to take a break from slots, card games or other types of traditional casino games. You will really enjoy the graphics and the entire game experience and it will definitely be a game you want to come back to again and again.