Neptune’s Kingdom

Most people know that Neptune lives beneath the waves. But he has also had an influence on this sensational slots game you can play online. It’s easy enough to download and play it right now, so check it out and see what the game has planned for you.

How many reels and paylines does it have?

Neptune’s Kingdom makes use of three reels and a total of five paylines. If you have a relatively small budget you will find this a great combination when it comes to covering all the potential options.

What are the minimum and maximum bets you can place?

This is another part of the game that will appeal to penny players and those with smaller budgets. The smallest bet is as low as you can go, at a penny a time.

In contrast you can go up to 5.00 per bet if you wish. Just remember that with five paylines you have to choose whether you want to cover one of them, or anything up to all five.

What types of symbols will you see on the game screen?

For starters everything is displayed on the same screen. It is designed to look like a slots machine, with the reels at the bottom and the paytable at the top.

The table reveals such watery symbols as mermaids, fish and treasure chests, so there is plenty to look for here. The blue tint really adds to the realism of the whole game too, so be prepared to sink to the murky depths!

Is there a bonus round to look out for?

As is the case with many three reel games, this one does not have a bonus round. However this might attract you to it, because it is great to play for beginners. You don’t have to worry about switching screens or doing anything other than playing the main game with a view to winning some cash.

Download and play the Neptune’s Kingdom slots game now!

If you are after a game with a watery theme, Neptune’s Kingdom could be just what you have been looking for. Try and match the treasure chests to unlock some real life treasure of your own!

Even if you normally play five reel games, you’ll find the Neptune’s Kingdom slots to be refreshingly different and exciting. Give them a go today and go for the win!