Now You Can Enjoy NetEnt Games on Their New Live Mobile Casino

The word NetEnt has become synonymous with great online gaming. You’d be forgiven for thinking there wasn’t much left for them to improve on – but you’d be wrong.

They have announced their brand new live casino offering, and it looks set to completely change the way you access casino games online. If you’ve ever played table games on your smartphone, you’ll know there has been a limit to how realistic the experience feels. This is all changing, and NetEnt is the driving force behind it.

Welcome to NetEnt Live

Thousands of hours of development have gone into creating NetEnt Live. This is a fully-immersive casino experience that has been designed to be easy for newbies to understand. However, it also provides a much more professional and interactive experience for seasoned casino players.

Professional dealers, a wide variety of backgrounds and live HD images combine to create a real-life experience that is very different from anything you might have played before. Players can now try live roulette and live blackjack – and with 25 languages available, not to mention multiple currencies, everyone is welcome.

Unlimited players

You might think the mobile casino idea means you can only ever play one-on-one with the dealer and your chosen game. But that’s not the case. NetEnt has made sure as many players as possible can take part at one time. This looks set to revolutionize online casinos that take up the new NetEnt Live platform.

Experienced and highly-trained dealers

This is as close to a real-life casino as you can get. It’s possible to draw in a whole new audience with these games, which is obviously what NetEnt Live is all about. This is aimed at those people who want to have an experience that is as close to the real thing as possible, without actually heading out to a proper casino.

NetEnt Live can be enjoyed on a smartphone, a tablet or even on a desktop computer. This gives players freedom to enjoy playing wherever they are. The high-quality streaming and overall professional experience looks set to take the gaming world by storm. Real-life casinos better watch out – NetEnt Live is about to change the way online casinos welcome players through their virtual doors. Watch for this experience coming to a variety of online casinos soon – and for players to start taking advantage of a whole new experience.