Best Payout Online Slots UK 2022

Everyone who plays online slot games – regardless of where they are in the world – wants to have a chance of winning some good prizes. We know the biggest prizes are always the toughest to win. However, it’s a great idea to find the best payout online slots in the UK if you live there and want to play some superb games.

What does best payout mean?

The best payout can mean different things though. For example, it can refer to the highest RTP value or return to player percentage. The closer to 100% it is, the more monies received by the game are paid out to winners.

Creators work out the percentage across the life of the game though. It means you can expect to have some fallow periods where less prize money is given out than is taken over that period. You might also have times when a lot more money is won than the game takes over the same period.

Best payout can also refer to jackpots

This can mean a fixed or progressive jackpot. The latter gradually gets larger as a slice of every real wager goes into the pot. Someone eventually triggers the combo on the reels that is designed to drop the jackpot.

There are games that trigger prizes worth millions of dollars. These are hugely popular and so the jackpot always soars high as more people play it. It’s a self-fulfilling format.

Other games offer fixed jackpots worth many times the stake when the prize is won. For example, Great Rhino Megaways from Pragmatic Play has a top prize worth 20,000x your wager. There are other games offering around the same or even more.

Best payout might refer to how ‘loose’ the game is

Have you heard of slot game volatility? It refers to how often a game pays out. Low volatility slots drop prizes far more often than high volatility ones. The difference is that most of the prizes in the low volatility games are low in value. The high volatility ones can go through periods with no prizes before potentially dropping several large ones in turn with little time in between.

You can see, then, that the best payouts slots in the UK may differ between sites and reviewers. We think you need to consider all the above elements before finding the best slots for you to play. Some of these elements might matter to you more than others.

Once you know what the best payout slot game is in the UK for you (or whichever country you are in), you know which one to play.