Dingo Casino

Aussie players are often locked out of joining other casinos online. Sometimes, you will find you're not in a jurisdiction that is even allowed to view another casino. If you feel like you're unloved, check out Dingo Casino today . We offer the best collection of games and the best online experience for all Australian players. And we've got way more to offer you than you might think, too.

Casino slots you're going to love day in, day out

Casino slots are a lot of fun to play. These pokies come in so many varieties, themes, and presentations, it's always easy to find the ideal games for you to enjoy.

Dingo Casino has worked hard to make connections with multiple software developers. In doing so, we've put together an awesome selection of exciting pokies we know you will enjoy. Discover the top games other players love trying their luck at right now. Discover the new titles. Discover your favorites. Discover it all at Dingo Casino today.

New slots coming almost daily

Have you ever joined a casino only to find they never add new games to that section? The titles mentioned as new never seem to live up to that description. If you join Dingo Casino, you will discover how things are meant to be. Check out just some of the new titles now and you can see how good they are. There's plenty of promise in those sections - all you need to do is to dive in and find out more.

Casino software provides the backbone to a bonzer casino site

We believe the software a casino runs on is the most important part of the deal. You may not be able to see how that software works, but you'll certainly notice it if that casino doesn't operate using good software.

The smooth, easy, and streamlined experience guaranteed at Dingo Casino tells you just how good it is to enjoy playing games here. We've partnered with some of the best software developers around too. You can play games from over half a dozen providers, all contributing some excellent games to our selection. Could it get much better? Check out our games today and you will see how good our software is.

Casino games, table games, and more

We offer casino games including roulette, poker, and blackjack for those who want to enjoy a table game experience. We've got tons of pokies too, of course. And then there are the games that don't readily fit any of those sections. Check out the other table games and the likes of our action games and micro bet games to see how full our casino collection is. We like to think we've got more variety than you'll find at any other Aussie casino right now.

Casino promotions every player loves to claim

With free dollars for a signup and welcome bonuses for the first four deposits made, life as a member of Dingo Casino certainly is fair dinkum! But while some casinos don't bother with other promotions beyond those, we do. We have some cash back offers, reload bonuses, comp point offers, and plenty more as well. Look out for seasonal promos and other time-limited ones too. As a member of Dingo Casino, you never know how good life could be.

How easy is it to claim your casino payouts?

Prizes come in all sizes at Dingo Casino. Some players win a few cents, others win hundreds or even thousands of dollars. You can see the potential prizes you could win in the paytables of all our games. Read those before you begin play to see what you could expect from these titles.

However, whenever a win comes your way, you'll never have any issues withdrawing the cash. Coin wins are deposited into your casino account. If you reach the minimum withdrawal limit, it takes seconds to place a withdrawal request. You can then make sure you get your winnings to spend however you wish. Just the way it should be.

Have you explored our live dealer casino yet?

Not everyone loves playing table games. For some, pokies are the only thing they need. Of course, if you do prefer table games, you might never have considered switching to the live casino versions of these games. These come with real dealers in place, providing a professional gaming experience that is as close as possible to the real bricks and mortar casinos out there today.

For the true live experience, visit Dingo Casino's live dealer games area now. You'll soon discover how exciting it can be to play these games in search of big prizes.

Select one of our convenient deposit methods

If you're new here, you'll be delighted to see several familiar logos representing the available deposit methods at Dingo Casino. Choose one, follow the easy steps, and you'll be able to fund your new account in no time. How easy is that?

Is it time to cash out?

If so, congratulations - it means you're a winner! We love to make sure our winners can enjoy their cash prizes as easily as possible. Just choose the method you'd like to receive your winnings by and go through the steps given. If you have any issues or queries, the live chat feature puts you in touch with a helper as quickly as possible.

Tournaments might be coming soon too

There are plenty of reasons to sign up to enjoy the Dingo Casino website if you live anywhere in Australia. However, while there may not be any available tournaments on the site when you join, keep an eye out for forthcoming tourneys. We always like to surprise our players with some treats throughout the year. Could some of those treats come in the guise of some cool tournaments to enter?

Don't worry about installing an online casino app

No - at Dingo Casino, we're all about delivering the best and easiest experience you could hope for online today. We don't think accessing casinos should be difficult, nor should they involve an app download. If you want to access Dingo Casino, just visit us online on whatever device you're using. You can always save a link to our homepage if you prefer, but if you're ready to play, just visit us the normal way today.

Casino affiliate earnings could be coming your way

No one can guarantee a player will win prizes while playing pokies or other casino games. Similarly, we cannot guarantee you will make any cash by promoting our casino as an affiliate.

However, since the program is super easy to join, doesn't it make sense to give it a shot? If you own a website that focuses on casinos or something similar, becoming an affiliate could just be the smartest decision you make today. Just one more way you can enjoy everything Dingo Casino can offer you.

Forget the casino bookie experience

Bookies are usually in place to take your bets on the outcome of sporting events. Since Dingo Casino doesn't offer any sports betting, you won't need to concern yourself with a bookie here. Just enjoy the best Aussie casino around - in our humble opinion, of course!

Focusing on a supreme casino experience rather than sports betting

We know some Aussie casinos offer the full casino experience along with lots of sports betting opportunities too. However, we also feel our time is best spent polishing our impressive casino for your enjoyment. By focusing solely on casino games, we know our players will get the best array of pokies and other games to enjoy. It's that simple.

Can a casino blog/forums be somewhere worth visiting?

We always say you should do your research prior to deciding to sign up to any online casino. We know Dingo Casino is a safe, secure, and fun site to enjoy. But you don't know that unless you've looked at what we can offer you before you sign up.

So, if you read other casino blogs and visit a few forums, you might get the chance to speak with a few existing members who can share their experiences. Our reputation goes ahead of us, we hope. If you like what you read elsewhere, chances are you'll want to come join our bonzer casino.

Casino help is available via live chat

You can access live help from your screen whenever you are at Dingo Casino. Just type your message, hit send, and wait for someone to respond. That's it! That is how easy it is to get some answers if you need some assistance. We don't restrict this service to members either. That means you can ask us some questions if you are still deciding whether this is the right Aussie-friendly casino for you.

You could also be playing without registration today

Do you dislike casinos that don't even show you their game collection prior to signing up as a member? We do, too. We wanted to make sure everyone could see the games we offer before signing up to use our site. We also wanted to make sure you could try those games if you want to. You can do just that if you play without registering for an account. You'll see we have a free play version of each game that allows you to try it before wagering any real money on it. If you like the game you see here, you can sign up and get started with ease.

Rewards on offer for Dingo Casino players

You'll find countless rewards in the promotions section of our casino alone. But beyond that, you can expect to join the VIP club too. Who knows how high you can climb if you decide to join? There is no way to tell unless you get started enjoying our rewards program today.

Mobile casino fun and games (iPad/Android/iPhone)

iPad users will love accessing the mobile Dingo Casino to enjoy the many games on offer there, as will iPhone users. You can also enjoy those games on all Android devices. In fact, if you prefer playing games on your mobile device, Dingo Casino is the best Aussie casino to visit for that purpose.

Try us today and see how the touchscreen controls make mobile gaming easy. If this is a new concept for you, you might be surprised at how convenient it is to play this way. Could you discover you prefer our pokies on a smaller screen? Try it and see.