Rock Star Slots

Get ready to go on tour and give it all you got when you play this amazing 3D rock and roll musician video slots game. You’ll be preparing with the band to go play live on the stage, with the crowds cheering and the music blaring. This will be a rockin’ night you’ll never forget. You’ll soon be a big fan of this animated rock musician themed 5 reels, 30 paylines video slots game with all the great perks and features you’d expect from Betsoft gaming.

  • Soon as you take the stage on this game, the light show and music will give you the energy to eagerly start playing. The game interface is set on a big rock stage show and some great classic rock anthem music starts playing.
  • Tune up and hit your power chords, this game rocks! Along the top is the sound on/off switch, which you will want to keep on of course.
  • Then there is an auto play switch and the Rock Star logo in the middle. On the far right is the view pays button. Along the right and left on the stage apparatus are all the paylines for you to select from.
  • On the bottom bracket there is an information scroll, then bet amount, credit and player balance. Below that bar, starting on the left is the choose coin size, on the electric guitar is the bet per line, next to that is the select lines button.
  • Going to the right is another guitar that is the spin button. On the far right is maximum spin button that is located on the drum set.
  • Every time you make a spin, the guitar plays a power chord and the music kicks in.
  • The sound effects and 3D animated symbols makes this a big rock show with such iconic items and characters that include: Lead Singer, Lead Guitar Player, Bass Player, Drummer, Groupie, Rock Magazine, Bottle of Whiskey, Electric Guitar, Record Contracts, VIP Tickets and Gold/Platinum albums.
  • Just turn this game up and let the reels roll. You can select from a good denomination of coins starting at 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50 and $1.00. You can wager from 1-5 coins per line. The maximum wager amount is $150.

Rock Star Slots cranks up the features

Now that you have the music playing and you’ve got the crowd going crazy, it’s time for the guitar solo and let all the features take it to a whole new level. This game is all about the great features like: Free spins, multipliers, jackpot and interactive bonus games. Start your show off with the Epic solo instant win feature. All you have to do is get three or more Electric Guitar symbols on the reels and make a winning combination. You’ll then start the epic guitar solo, make the crowd cheer and collect up all the bonus coins.

  • The show goes on when you get into the Wild Multiplier Mania feature and that's when you get the Gold and Platinum albums on the reels with a winning combination. Here you can multiply your winnings once you hit it by 2x, 5x or even 10x the amount.
  • Now the fans are screaming for you to come back and play and encoure. Here is your chance to show them what you got when you win the jackpot of $2,500. The show isn’t over yet. It’s time for the Rock Concert Bonus Feature.
  • All you have to do is get three or more VIP ticket symbols on the reels in a winning combination to trigger the second screen bonus round. There will be a screen with a guitar fret board where you have to click the colored pegs.
  • If you're timing the clicks right, then you will be able to get bonus multipliers for each peg clicked correctly. Then you’ll be ready to head back to the main game with all the extra rewards you earned during the bonus round.
  • Overall, this is a great slots game to play no matter what kind of music you like to listen too. But if you like a colorful, animated video slots game that comes with loads of features and you can win lots of money with, then this game will be music to your ears.