Tropic Reels Slots

The game Tropic Reels is a fun game for both advanced or a beginner player. The game is a multi spin slot game, with multi coin options. In addition to this, the hold feature makes this game a bit more unique from similar games. Playtech designed this game with the player in mind. A clean, easy to use layout, plus the simple theme makes for an impressive game. A free, no payout option is available and players can use real money as well. Try out this game if you are looking for simple fun.

The Details

The game offers several ways to play. The game has three reels and has three rows. Each of the rows is a single payline. An important aspect of this game is the hold feature. When you play, you can hold, or freeze, some of the symbols in the game. Initially, only the lower reels spin. In that spin, decide if you want to hold any of the icons. Select hold for those icons and then spin again. This process increases your chances of creating winning combinations.

The Bets and Money

You can bet as low as .01 in this game and as high as $5. You can also bet five coins per row on each of the paylines with each spins you take. In order to win the jackpot in the game, you will need to hit three tiger symbols in the payline. You can also earn a secondary jackpot if you hit three parrot symbols in the payline. The biggest jackpot is 2500, and a second jackpot is 200 coins.

Game Graphics

Tropic Reels has 13 regular symbols plus a wild symbol. It does not offer a scatter symbol, though. The graphics in the game are simple and straightforward. There are symbols such as purple frogs, red flowers, blue flowers and gold. There are pineapples, lemons, and numerous other symbols in the game as well. The tiger is the wild symbol, which can substitute for all others in the game. This doubles your payout.

Why Play This Game

Tropic Reels is a good game for just about all players. You may hit the maximum jackpot of 1500x the line bet if you bet the maximum and it hits. The game offers a basic but simple enough layout and functions well. Play the game for the first time and you may find it is an easy play game with good opportunities to win.