Babushka Slots

Now what could a slot game with a strange sounding name really have to offer? The truth behind that is tons of hours of enticing game play, colorful slots, random jackpots, and the best part: real money! Now if you're wondering, Babushka is based on the Babushka tradition in Russia, mostly focused on elderly women. However, in this slots game the name refers to an elderly couple who may very well help you win big! In the rest of the review, we will go over the ins and outs of this strange sounding-yet absolutely addicting new slot game!

The Ins and Outs!

With five reels and a 25 pay line bonus, Babushka Slots is a powerhouse of a video slot game. In order to win real cash, the player must wager a bet (by simply picking a different sized coin) and then the game truly begins. This slot game offers a max 5000 coin slots and that in itself is quite a reason to jump in! 25 winning combinations paint the screen with various custom icons like bread, knitting, eggs, chicken, and of course, the Babushka couple themselves! Each Babushka results in a different ability happening in the slots: while Mr. Babushka can replicate himself as any symbol like a wild card; Mrs. Babushka is used as a scatter. The potential to hit the big one or just win enough to feed the whims of that late night, “One more spin,” drive is just one factor that will absorb you into the game.

Should I play?

Everyday new virtual casino games are born. Many vanish into the vast abyss of cyberspace, but few prevail and garner a loyal following bringing them to jackpot royalty. Babushka Slots is one of those games. From the first spin, you will be swallowed by comical, yet beautifully designed graphics that make the game easy on the eyes. While I won't spoil all the random combinations that will have you jumping in your chair, the Babushka special symbols add a new flavor to the typical slots game; flavor that will win you lots of money! Now I know many reviews will proclaim addictive game play, but few can actually vouch for it like Babushka Slots can. From the silly name, to the fun custom icons and special symbols you will find a complete slots game within. There is absolutely no reason to not dive into the fun.

Babushka Slots will keep you captivated with fun yet rewarding game play like extra spins, scatters, and random jackpots. All players are welcome (even USA) at Buzzluck Casino ! Join in on the fun, your wallet will thank you!