Greek Goddess Slots

Greek Goddess Slots is a new virtual slots game that ushers in an archaic twist with some good ol' fashioned slots game play . Designed on the typical 5 reel 25 pay line style, this slot game builds off of the iconic virtual slot mechanic and mixes in some of your history class in with its fun. With a maximum regular jackpot of 9000 coins and even a bonus 5 level bonus game: The Pyramid Game. In replacement of the generic symbols of most virtual slots games you will instead find portrayals of the Goddess Athena, a white deer, a fountain, a Roman Pantheon and other Roman symbols, a golden apple, Fruits, Coins, and other beautifully iconic symbols.

Wilds and Scatters

Like many other virtual slot games, Greek Goddess Slots comes loaded with wild and scatter symbols (two special symbols on a reel that garner the player with special features). Athena is the wild symbol and only appears on reels 1 and 5. When she is included within a winning role she will supply a three times multiplier for the overall winnings of the spin. She can substitute any symbol besides the scatter: The Golden Apple. The Golden Apple supplies free spins for the player if it appears three or more times. This would award the player seven free spins and during these free spins all earnings are doubled! If Athena appears alongside three or more Golden Apple's the player will enter Athena game mode winning up to fifty free spins (all at a 2x multiplier)!

The Pyramid Game

The Pyramid Game is a special feature that awards endless prizes for the player. There are a total of five levels for the pyramid and once the player maxes out to the special Grand Level, the highest special jackpot is awarded. That means in Greek Goddess Slots there are two jackpots to win! The player must play the rules of the Pyramid game betting on a color and an idol. All that is needed is to bet on the Jackpot Pyramid game alongside the regular slots game. Sounds simple right? It is!

Praise the Goddess Athena

Too often in the virtual slots genre, games are bland and boring repeating the same tired symbols and lame features. However, Greek Goddess Slots promises an impressive, feature-rich game that assures the possibility of winning and having fun! From the first spin of the reel, I knew this game was a special one and boy was I right. Take your spin for the Goddess Athena and may the power of the Gods and Goddesses of old bless you with a jackpot!