The First ChatBot that Places Bets Through Messenger

The advances in online gaming are astounding and the latest one is one of the best so far. Players who are connected to Facebook, of which most are, can now place bets through their Facebook messenger. This new development is thanks to Onionsack a software developer that has been working on messenger interactions for over a decade. This new development allows the player to login to his betting account, check balances and get updates via his messenger app. Once the message has been sent the Bot is able to decipher the message whatever language it is in and send the instruction to the casino and a bet is placed. Through the app the player can also receive updates on sports features, account balances and more.

Direct Contact with Paddy Power

Paddy Power Casino is the first casino to adopt this new technology and it works like a dream. The player just needs to search for the Paddy Power app in his messenger box and then he can choose what option he wants, that include live streaming, transfer of information and pure entertainment through the entertain me button. This new development in online gaming is a treat for any player who can do almost everything through his Facebook messenger account now and is definitely the way forward. All information that passes through the bot remains totally private and no one else can access the information. Paddy Power has received many compliments in the industry for being the first casino to adopt this ingenious new technology.