Big Top Slots

If you want to play one of the original slots games to hit the internet that had five reels, head on over to your favorite site to have a go at the Big Top Slots. This is a bright and vibrant looking slots game that has lots to look forward to. With an easy to view game screen and an easy to understand pay table as well, you will be glad you tried this out! Join and start playing Big Top Slots !

Tips and strategies worth bearing in mind when playing the game

Your coin denomination can be anything from twenty five cents to five dollars, so make sure you consider the constraints of your budget before doing anything else.

With nine paylines it is normally quite easy to cover them all. If you do this you can be assured of getting a winning line should one of them pop up.

The other good thing to do is to check out the pay table before you do anything. This will tell you which symbols are worth which amounts if you get enough of them on a line. It could help you play the game more easily.

What symbols should you watch out for?

Watch out for the clown because it acts as the wild symbol. This is a good symbol to see because it can take the place of other symbols to increase your chances of getting a winning combination on a payline.

The other main special symbol to look for is the monkey. This is a scatter symbol and it is very important to look for. Get three or more and you win a prize, irrespective of where those symbols happen to fall on the reels. If you get five of them you will win back fifty times the amount you originally bet with!

What is the bonus round like?

Unfortunately there isn’t a bonus round in the Big Top Slots. However the scatter symbols could be thought of as a bonus because it doesn’t matter where they appear.

If you spin the reels and you see them popping up, you should hope for three or more!

Play the Big Top Slots game today and see if you can win!

If you haven’t yet got an account with a website that hosts the Big Top Slots, now is the time to do just that. Download and play it today at Betway Casino or 32 Red Casino and see whether you can scoop a big prize by doing so!