La Chatte Rouge Slots

You might guess that this particular slots game has a French feel to it, just from the name. You’d be right too, but this is just the beginning of what will prove to be a great game to play over and over again.

Check out the following features you can look forward to whenever you choose to download and play La Chatte Rouge .

How many reels and paylines does it have?

This game packs in five reels and a total of twenty five different paylines. This will give you a good chance of getting multiple wins on every single game you play.

What are the minimum and maximum bets?

If you are playing with a small budget you will be glad to know that you can have a minimum line bet of just 0.01 for starters.

In addition to this you will be able to go all the way up to 5.00 on a single line if you wish. Just remember to multiply the amount if you want to play all twenty five lines.

What types of symbols will you find in the game?

As with many other slots games you will find a scatter symbol and a wild symbol in play here. The scatter is the cabaret dancer, while the wild symbol is the gold mask. This makes them very easy to spot.

In addition you will see other symbols relevant to the theme of the game, including champagne and a rose – very romantic!

Is there a bonus round of any kind to look out for?

You have a couple of benefits to watch out for here. For instance you can get some free spins by selecting one out of the five dancers that will appear on the screen. The chosen dancer will reveal the number of spins you’ll win.

Elsewhere there is a Magician Bonus game as well. This prompts you to choose a white or black rabbit. You then have to see how many of your chosen rabbits the magician will reveal. It’s all good fun and perfect for the game too.

Download and play La Chatte Rouge today for some real excitement!

There is no doubt that you will enjoy the bonus features and the regular game play with La Chatte Rouge. The theme is somewhat different to a lot of other games, and that makes it stand out for all the best reasons.