Massive Slot Jackpot Paid to One Lucky Player

What would you do with 17.8 million euros? Yes, we said million. One lucky player from the UK got to find out what he would do with that amount when he won it on a Microgaming online game in October 2015.

Jon Heywood, the lucky winner, played Mega Moolah – a Microgaming title well-known for triggering monster progressive jackpots. He played the game on the Betway website and received his check from a representative of the company.

How much was the exact winning amount?

Here we go – the amount in euros was €17,879,645. Translated into British pounds, he won £13,209,300 – a nice sum in anyone’s eyes! If you want to know what it would have been in dollars, we have that sum too – a whopping $20,062,600. What would you do with that kind of money?

What’s the attraction of Mega Moolah?

If you’ve visited any online casino with Microgaming games among the content, you’ll be more than familiar with Mega Moolah. This is a favorite among slot players, and for good reason.

It doesn’t just have a single progressive jackpot – it actually has four of them. These are the mini, minor, major and mega progressive jackpots. What’s more, they all start at a certain level. The mini starts at 10.00, the minor starts at 100.00 and the major progressive begins at 10,000.00. The biggest one, the mega progressive, starts at 1,000,000.00. This means that even when someone wins the mega progressive jackpot, it doesn’t reset to zero. Instead, it resets to one million.

Quite often when a progressive jackpot is played, people aren’t as keen to carry on playing for it for a while. Some will, but the lure of the big jackpot isn’t there. This isn’t the case with Mega Moolah, which means more players will keep on playing it even when those jackpots reset to the minimum amounts each time.

Play Mega Moolah today for a chance at winning a huge jackpot!

While few people will ever win the biggest progressives online today, someone has to win them. Even the minor or major progressives in this game are worth a shot.

And who knows: You could be like Jon Heywood, who took a spin on Mega Moolah and walked away with over $20 million for his troubles. That’s an amazing win and one of the highest ever recorded for an online slot game as well.