Lotto Madness Slots

Some games are incredibly popular and when you try them for yourself you will always see why. The Lotto Madness game definitely falls into this group and you will love every minute you play it for.

Let’s see what you can get when you download and play Lotto Madness right now .

How many reels and paylines does the game have?

This Lotto Madness game has a total of five reels. You can also choose from one to a total of twenty paylines to wager your budget on when you play.

What are the minimum and maximum bets on the game?

This is a great game because there are eight different levels of bets you can have. The smallest one of the lot is just 0.01 while the biggest is 5.00, so there are enough options here to keep everyone happy.

What types of symbols will you see during the game play?

Well this is a lotto themed game so you will see lottery balls cropping up regularly on the reels. These have different numbers and colors and you will have to get ones matching up to get the best return for your cash.

Watch for the dollar sign because this will be the scatter symbol. Look for a wild card too as this is quite literally the wild symbol!

Is there a bonus round of any kind?

Yes – keep an eye out for the Wheel of Fortune symbol because it has the chance to grab you an entry to the bonus game. The bonus game is actually the Wheel of Fortune itself, and it will enable you to go for some free spins.

The game also has a multiplier opportunity in it, so you can check to see whether you are able to win bigger prizes on Lotto Madness simply through having a larger multiplier.

Download and try out the Lotto Madness game today!

Whenever you play the Lotto Madness game you will be glad you found out all about it. This is a terrific game and it has been very well designed as well.

With lots of colorful screens and easy to understand game play, you’ll never be short of a chance to win some money on it. Even if you don’t reach the bonus round you will still be glad you found the Lotto Madness game and gave it a whirl!