A Thrilling Selection of Gamevy Games Added to Microgaming Casinos

Ever heard of Gamevy? If not, and you’re familiar with one or more Microgaming-based online casinos , you might soon have a chance to play more games from this provider. They definitely have a lot to offer, and we’ve reviewed just one of their games below so you have an idea of what to expect. Needless to say, the quality is very exciting indeed.

Experience The Heist

The Heist is one of the games offered by Gamevy, and it has a very slick and thrilling introduction. Once that’s completed, you’re prompted to make a bet. The jackpot amount you could potentially win changes depending on the amount you’re prepared to wager.

Choose a path…

Yep, that’s the idea – you will see a number of squares leading to the vault and you have to pick one from three squares to progress along each stage of that path.

Use the three buttons below the game screen – left, center and right – to pick your chosen square on each level. Sometimes you’ll advance easily. Sometimes you will get a question square. If that happens, you will be asked a question with two possible answers. Make sure you choose correctly, and you will advance to the next stage.

If you choose the wrong square, you could end up with an alarm. This takes away one of your lives. These are indicated at the top of the screen. You get five to start with, so try and keep as many as you can!

What happens when you reach the Vault?

You get to play the Jackpot or Jail feature. You can either cash out with the reward you have won for getting to the feature, or you can risk it and win up to the amount shown on-screen.

You then see cash bags on the vault path, and you can either cash out or risk it at each stage. The game then progresses through each stage as you did before. But remember, you only have one life, so if you get a question and you get the answer wrong, you lose! You can cash out at any stage though.

The Vault is a great offering from Gamevy – very different to anything else you may have tried. It lasts a while too, and it definitely makes a change to playing more traditional slot games. Make sure you are ready to give it a shot, along with the other Gamevy games!