Lucky Slot Player Wins Massive Prize at Mobile Casino

We all dream about what we’d do if we ever had the chance to win a massive prize on an online slot game. Recently, at the end of January, one player found out the answer to that question. A woman playing the Jackpot Giant slot game managed to secure a win of £4.5 million while trying her luck with the slot at Gala casino .

What is Jackpot Giant?

This game has a progressive jackpot involved, and it was this jackpot that was won by the lucky player. She has remained anonymous, but is known to work as a librarian in Glasgow, Scotland.

The win amounts to €5.89 million in euros, or a huge $6.59 million US dollars. What would you do with that amount of money?

A lucky £4 spin

The woman apparently started playing the game on her mobile phone while she was watching television. She played a few spins at £4 per spin, and before too long she realized she had won the progressive jackpot. Not a bad return - £4.5 million for a £4 spin!

Jackpot Giant was created by Playtech

As you may already know, the Jackpot Giant slot was created by top gaming software company Playtech. This particular jackpot ranks as the second-largest anyone has ever won on their slot games. The biggest was significantly larger still - £6.2 million. This was won back in 2012 when a lucky player scooped that amount while playing Beach life slots.

Jackpot Giant has five reels and 50 paylines in action, meaning you could easily win several prizes every time you spin. The maximum bet per spin is £4, which is the amount the lucky prize winner wagered. The smallest bet is 50p a spin, with just a penny on each line.

In order to win the jackpot amount, you have to get five-of-a-kind on the reels. This must occur with the wild symbol and be on the first payline. This is the one that goes through all five reels in a straight line, on the center row of the game screen. You have to play £4 a spin to be in with a chance of winning this. Any other bet amount won’t trigger the progressive jackpot.

Even though this jackpot has been won, there are many other progressive jackpots getting bigger by the minute, even as you read this. Will you be playing any of them soon?