Alchemist's Lab Slots

Alchemist's Lab Slots
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Typesclassic, bonus, 3-reel

Alchemist's Lab Slots is a three reel slot from Playtech with a fun and often generous Bonus round. The theme of Alchemist's Lab Slots is the world of an Alchemist. An alchemist is someone who practices alchemy, the definition of which is a medieval quest to locate an elixir that would turn base metals into precious gold. In Alchemist's Lab Slots, you'll be the alchemist, spinning the reels in search of gold in the form of slots prizes.

Reels of the Road for Alchemists

Prepare to be blown away by the dazzling game design, graphics, and sound when playing Alchemist's Lab Slots. No detail was left out in making every part of this game true to the magical theme of alchemy. Reel icons such as a Gold Ring, a Coin, a Test Tube Beaker with a Green Liquid inside, a Test Tube Beaker with a Blue Liquid inside, and a Spell Book lend credence to your work as an alchemist in this game.

Breathe a Spell for Big Wins

Alchemist's Lab Slots has one payline only. This classic game design lets players become more involved in the game as a whole, as they can better follow and understand the game play. There is just one coin value of two cents in this slots selection. You may bet three coins maximum per line. Alchemist's Lab Slots does not have a Progressive jackpot, but the regular game jackpot helps to make up for this by offering a respectable 10,000 coins or $2000 as the top prize for 3 of the Coin symbols. There is a second jackpot of 6000 coins or $1200 for 3 Coin symbols if two coins were the wager. The third jackpot pays the least. It is for 3000 coins or $600 when 3 Coin symbols appear on the payline and the player has bet one coin only.

Tools of the Trade Can Equal a Bonus

This Video Slot has a sensational Bonus round. Players must choose three flasks containing different colored substances from a choice of ten. The goal is to create as much gold from the contents of these flasks as possible. Once created, the gold goes into a virtual coin mould, and if the player wins the Bonus round, the gold is awarded to them in the form of a coin.

Mutual Attractions

One thing that attracts players to Alchemist's Lab Slots is the fact that it is a three reel slot with a bonus game, which is a little unusual. This feature always allows players to win more cash when it is added to a slots game. Another reason that this is such a popular slots title is that there is no need to be a seasoned slots player in order to get a lot out of this game in more ways than one. Newcomers to the world of online slots as well as those who are high rollers will find plenty to enjoy and appreciate about Alchemist's Lab Slots.