Bank On it Slots

If you’re an online slots player who prefers that their games have a classic feel, then you can count on exciting entertainment from Bank On it Slots. Players will find only 3 reels, and a single payline, but game offers some fun features like the Piggy Bank Bonus, a wild symbol, and the progressive jackpot! Play Bank On it Slots today , or find out more below.

Wager Up to $15 per Spin

Bank On it Slots does offer adjustable bets, and the range of coin sizes include values between $0.05 and $5.00. A maximum bet of 3 coins per spin is available, and opting to wager all 3 increases the size of certain prizes. For example, a jackpot worth up to $7,000 is available for players who have wagered the maximum and received 3 Red 7’s on the reels. Players wagering 2 coins per spin could win up to $4000 for 3 Red 7’s, and those who wager 3 coins and receive 3 Blue 7’s will score a tidy jackpot in Bank On it Slots. Remember that playing with real cash could leave you with amazing prizes!

Entertaining Symbols on the Reels

Those playing Bank On it Slots for the first time will be excited to discover that a variety of symbols line the reels in the game. Look for the Bar Icons, Cherries, the Piggy, Red 7’s, Blue 7’s, and the Wild Logo. Each of the symbols has the potential to create a winning combination, trigger a jackpot, or do something else that will definitely benefit the player. To learn more, keep reading! In Bank On it Slots, players who need a substitute symbol will be happy to learn that the Wild Logo can accomplish just that. Simply wait for the wild symbol to appear on the reels, and it will fill in for any other icon that the gambler needs to create a winning combination.

Play the Bonus to Win the Progressive Jackpot

When spinning the reels in Bank On it Slots, players can expect to occasionally a cute little Piggy on the reels. 3 of these on the payline will trigger the progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot begins with a flat 150 coins, but every time a player gets 3 Blank icons the line bet will be added to the progressive jackpot. Those who play slots with the sound on will appreciate the “oink” sound that occurs when cash is banked for the jackpot. Additionally, those who want to keep track of the value of the progressive jackpot will be pleased to learn that a tracker rests on the screen, just above the reels. For your chance to win this and other prizes, play Bank On it Slots today.

Entertainment You Can Bank On

Online casino gamers will be excited by the traditional nature of Bank On it Slots, even as they get excited about features that classic slots often lack; the wild symbol and the progressive jackpot add a great deal to this game. Bank On it Slots is available to U.S. players , and the coin sizes are great for both penny players and high rollers alike. Spin now for your chance to win!