The Senet Group has Detailed the Latest Responsible Gambling Campaign

The Senet Group, is a body that was set up by a number of the leading bookmakers in the UK for the promotion responsible gambling, has recently launched a new campaign towards supporting this ongoing effort.

The week-long campaign will be targeting young men with a selection of online content that is shareable and humorous to highlight responsible gambling behaviour.

The Content will be videos of real-life things that can go wrong when people don’t follow ‘stops’, the content will be available on social media platforms, such as, Facebook and Twitter, and a special website will be set up which will contain information about the campaign and also offer help and support for those who have been impacted by gambling issues.

Supporting the online effort the Senet Group members will be devoting shop windows with campaign posters.

Wanda Goldwag, chair of Senet Group and the independent standards commissioner, said that they plan to manage a new scheme for the retail bookmakers, so that customers who want place themselves under ‘self-exclude’ from more than one shop will be able to do so in one easy step.

The intent is to work with their members on how to best identify any potential problem the gamblers from their data and to find ways of warning these people to take a break or stop.

She continued that the industry has a duty towards protecting vulnerable peoplea and that they were pleased to be able to play a part in that.”

The Promotion of Responsible Gambling Standards

The Senet Group is an independent body that was set up for the promotion of responsible gambling standards and to ensure that marketing of gambling is done in a social and responsible manner.

During the spring and summer of 2015 they ran a high impact TV and advertising campaign educating people about the different risks of gambling and how they can stay in control.

During November and December, they will be running campaigns that are primarily on social media in order to help prevent problem gambling amongst young men.

The Senet Group chairs an Independent Standards Commissioner, and her responsibilities include the monitoring and enforcement compliance with commitments created by member companies on the standards of advertising and other measures that is aimed at protecting vulnerable people.

Senet Group is open for membership to any gambling operator, and also any associated organisation.