Football Rules Slots

If you are into European football as much as you claim, then you will love being able to play the slot game Football Rules . This is a true option for those who are looking to enjoy this great and fun option that is brought to you by Playtech. This game brings all of the fun of the pitch to you with the chance to win some serious coins and take in the fun of the game as well. This 5-reel game offers a whopping twenty-five lines to play on when you are willing to go all out to win.

How to Play

There are different ways to win and different values you can place on the coins that will vary from $.01 all the way to $5.00 depending on how much you are willing to spend. Each line can have a max of ten coins place on it. This will mean you can place a max bet of up to $1250 per spin if you choose to. This is as long as you are using all of the max options that are available to you per bet when you are playing. There is a progressive top jackpot of ten thousand coins that you can win, with a secondary jackpot of one thousand coins that you could win also.

What to Match

The best options to look for when you are placing bets on this game will be of course the wild fan option that you will see in Football Rules. Then you will want to look for the goalie followed by the ref. other options to look for and find in the game are the various colored jerseys and the payouts that they will provide to you in a number of different combinations based on the colors of the jerseys. There are a number of different options and ways to win other than spinning. In Football Rules that you will need to see and explore once you start playing. From being able to choose a number of free spins based on a ball to getting to kick a penalty kick in an effort to increase your coin payout options. Look at all of the different ways you can look at and win in this game and you will find you will not be able to pull yourself away from all of the fun and excitement. Making the best out of your spins and you will win.