Geisha Story Slots

Every slots game has a story to tell, but the Geisha Story game in particular is totally captivating. Every element of the game is completely delightful and it is easy to get totally involved with it as well.

Download and play Geisha Story today – give it a try and you will see what we mean by captivating!

How many reels and paylines does it have?

The game has the standard five reels but there are fifteen paylines in use. This is fewer than some other slots games have. It means you can play all of them even if you only have a small budget. But it still gives you plenty of options for some great game play.

What symbols does the game use?

As you would think from a game that is called Geisha Story, this game is firmly influenced by the Japanese Geisha way of life. Watch out for Geisha girls, oriental fans and many other relevant symbols.

Gold fish and umbrellas also appear in strategic places on the reels. The wild symbol is represented by the samurai and the scatter symbol is the Geisha.

What are the maximum and minimum bets?

The game works according to betting with coins, and it’s up to you what value you want to attribute to those coins. For example you can enjoy betting as low as 0.01 on every coin or you can go all out and bet up to 5.00 per coin if you wish.

It all depends on your budget and how much you want to wager on the game. It could be easy enough to have either small or large bets.

Is there a bonus game to look for?

The scatter symbols can unlock a chance to play a bonus round in the Geisha Story. If this is revealed to you, you can choose from all the fans that will appear on the reels.

These fans can get you a range of free spins, so you see it is worth having a go at finding the bonus game. You can also enable a dollar ball game which is based on a bingo game. It takes place alongside your regular game play.

Download and try out Geisha Story today and live the story for yourself!

There is no doubt that the Geisha Story is captivating and totally great to play. Try it yourself today and see if you agree!