Forest of Wonders Slots

The Forest of Wonders is way to put your imagination back to work as you take a trip to the world of Alice in Wonderland in this video slot game. You will be able to go and play some of the most fun and exciting options as you are looking for some of the more prominent characters from the book. Chasing the rabbit, looking for the Cheshire cat and then following the people dressed as playing cards you will have plenty of options to match when you are at this video clot game presented to you by Playtech.

Playing Options

This is a 5 reel twenty-five line game you can play in order to be able to go out and maximize options and winning potential. The coin value that you can place on this game is able to vary from $.01 all the way up to $5.00 per coin. And of course with twenty-five lines worth of potential with up to 10 coins per line, you can go out and spend up to $1250 on one bet. You have the potential and the ability to go and spend and win a lot of money in one spin or with one of the bonus spins you could have if you are willing to put the money in to it.

Chasing the Characters

Being able to get the most money will mean, you will need to know what to look for. The most valuable of options in this game are the of course wild options. However, finding the rabbit in Forest of Wonders as well as the Cheshire cat will provide you with a good pay out as well. Being able to get to the bonus round by matching various symbols offered. Here you will receive bonus spins and other things to look at that will allow you to be able to get the most chances to win and to get free coins from the free spins. No matter what you are looking to get from the Forest of Wonders, you will find that you will be taken down a trail and be looking for rabbits and cats in order to be able to make the most coin on your spin. There are many ways to win and a number of opportunities with the twenty-five lines that are available to place bets on to improve your chances to win. So go and explore and win.