Haunted House Slots

It’s always nice to find a slots game that really gets you excited. The Haunted House game might test your nerves, but it isn’t as scary as you might think! It certainly won’t put you off from downloading it and trying it out, since it has some tempting prizes to go for.

Here is what you can expect to see when you play the Haunted House slots game.

How many reels and paylines are there?

Haunted House slots have three reels in play and a total of five paylines. This makes it a nice easy game to play for beginners, for whom lots of reels and paylines might prove to be a bit too much.

What are the minimum and maximum bets?

The lowest bet you can place on each line you play is just 0.05. In contrast the highest bet is 5.00, so you can see that there is quite a range of different amounts to think about here. This should suit everyone, especially as there are just five paylines in play.

What symbols will you see when you play the game?

This is a Haunted House game so you can expect to see some creepy features here! A vampire looks over the game itself and you will find such items as garlic, stakes and daggers on the reels as they spin round.

Garlic is actually quite good to find because it can help you to win some nice prizes. Just one piece of garlic in the right place on the payline is enough to trigger a win!

Is there a bonus round hidden in the game?

As you will see when you first lay eyes on the Haunted House game, it has a very basic layout. With just three reels it looks a lot like a traditional one armed bandit game.

This means there is no bonus round to play for, although it really doesn’t detract from the quality or value of the game itself. You will definitely enjoy being able to get the best out of every spin you generate.

Download and play the Haunted House slots game today!

If you love a creepy theme for your slots, try the Haunted House slots game now and see whether you can line up the right symbols to win the biggest prizes.

You’ll be amazed at how involved you will get with this simple and well thought out game!