Heist Slots

Heist Slots
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Types5-reel, 3D, video

For most people the possibility of pulling off a clever heist is out of the question but when you play Heist slots the possibilities are endless. Heist has five reels and 30 pay lines and it is a video slot game that was released by PartyGaming in June 2010. There are 45 winning combinations possible with this game. The top jackpot is worth 500 coins and the second jackpot is worth 400 coins. Play with coin values that begin at just a penny and go up to $30. You can play as many as 30 coins per spin for a max wager of $900.

You are Neil Quailand!

This slot game has a story behind it. Neil Quailand is a pro at what he does, which is bank robber, and one of the finest. He has been successful for years without ever being caught. Detective Albert Kowalski has been hot on his trail yet very unsuccessful and intervening. Soon, Quailand is about to pull of another heist and this one might be the biggest yet. The question is, can Kowalski stop him or not? In this slot game, you are Neil Quailand and you are going to choose which method is used to crack the safe at the bank. You will do this in the Bank Heist Bonus Feature with plenty of explosives at your disposal.

Just the Right Tools

The C4 Demolition symbol is a wild symbol. This means that the C4 Demolition symbol substitutes for other symbols to complete more winning combinations. When you get this symbol on the second reel it will trigger an explosion that will offer a double paying multiplier. The scatter symbol is the Safecracker Drill and you win as long as there are at least three of these symbols on the reels.

Choices, Choices, Choices!

When you get at least three Glass Cutter symbols you will go to the Glass Cutter Bonus Feature game. You will initially pick one of three symbols on the screen to get an instant prize which will be a free bonus access, cash, or free spins. There is also a Bank Heist Bonus Feature where your job is to become Neil Quailand and choose the best method to crack the safe. You can hack the safe with a cracking device being sure not to damage it, you can drill into the safe, or you can blow it up!

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