Don's Millions Slots

There are many video slots to choose from. However, Don’s Millions video slots is a fun-filled adventure. It is available at popular casinos such as Paddy Power Casino , and it will keep you entertain. When you play Don's Millions, you will enjoy a mafia or gangster theme slots game. Read below to discover more about this slots game and how to play it.

Game Facts for Don’s Millions

This game is manufactured based on the popular Cayetano Gaming software. The game has 5 reels and at least 25 paylines to win on. It has rich, bright graphics as a video slot. You are able to immerse yourself in a mafia world and help the Don grow his financial empire. It is just a matter of being clever and choosing correctly to take home your winnings.

To play Don’s Millions video slot, players will need to choose the amount they would like to wager. This is done using the “Total Stake” button. Afterwards, it is necessary to press the “Spin” button for the 5 reels to spin. Players can also find more information about special game features by pressing the “Paytable” button. The amount wagered can be as low as $0.25 up to $250 per spin.

There are various symbols in the game. There is the Mafia Don. This is one of the symbols to take notice of as it is also the wild symbol. It can be used as a substitute symbols for all of the other symbols. This can cause wins to happen when the wild symbol substitutes for the other ones. Another symbol to watch out for is the scatter symbol, which is the gold-encrusted Tommy Gun. When players receive three of these, it triggers the free spins bonus features.

Game Bonus Features and Multiplier

Don's Millions Video Slots does have a multiplier. This part of the game is triggered after players have six consecutive spins where they do not win any money. After the sixth spin, a multiplier is added for each consecutive spin that loses. For example, for losing spin #1, #2 and #3, multipliers are added from 2x, 5x and 10x, respectively. The multiplier is added to the winnings of the next spin up to 20x. Therefore, players can win a substantial amount with these slots game multipliers.

There are also three bonus features for Don’s Millions. There is a choice of three bonus games after receiving three scatter symbols on the reels. The bonus games are called, “Joe’s Garage,” “The Bank”and “The Grocery Store.”

Joe's Garage Bonus Feature

Don's Millions has “Joe’s Garage” as a bonus game. When players choose this bonus game, they will see a shotgun. The player cannot control the shotgun. However, the gun is used after spinning and it will shoot tiles. At least two to five tiles are shot by the gun and they will remain Wild until the player spins the reels again.

The Bank Bonus Feature

Another bonus game to choose is “The Bank”. The regular slots spin button is replaced by a rapid fire button. During this round, the reels are attached to three dynamites. The dynamites are located below the reels. The rapid fire button is attached to these dynamites. When the player pushes the button, it will ignite fuses. When the fire reaches the dynamite, it will turn the reels above it into a Wild state. This increases the amount of free spins and winnings for players. However, only two dynamites can be ignited during each bonus game.

The Grocery Store Bonus Feature

The third bonus game is the “Grocery Store.” During this bonus game, players will see a gold Tommy gun. The gun will shoot tiles, and the tile is locked and be Wild during the next free spin round. This can help players receive wins. However, the gun will not appear during every free spin during this bonus round.

Anyone who has ever watched mafia movies or television shows involving Don Vito Corleone as the Godfather will enjoy the theme of this fast-paced video slots game. Players will have the opportunity to try special slot features and increase their money with bonus multipliers when they play Don’s Millions video slot.