Highway Kings Slots

Some games immediately give you a good idea of what to expect, simply from reading the title. You might feel just like that with the Highway Kings game, and as you will see it is a roaring success!

Download and play Highway Kings today and try it for free too if you want to play for fun. The following pointers are worth bearing in mind when you start playing for real.

How many reels and paylines are there?

Highway Kings has five reels in play and it packs in a total of nine paylines. This is a good entry level game for beginners, but it also gives you plenty to enjoy if you are a seasoned slots player.

What are the minimum and maximum bets?

These are similar to the bets you will see on many other games online today. The smallest bet is as small as it can possibly get, with just 0.01 enough to get you going on the reels.

The highest end sees a top payline bet of 5.00, so you can wager more if you want to and your budget will stand it.

What kinds of symbols should you look out for?

The huge truck is a wild symbol and this shows you the theme for the game as well. For example pistons, spark plugs, furry dice and much more besides will also be revealed in the game.

Look for the shiny silver muffler as well, since it acts as the scatter symbol. If you get five of these you will get back one hundred times the amount you wagered on the winning line!

Are there any bonus rounds to try and open?

There are no bonus rounds or games to try, but you will find you have the chance to enter the dollar ball progressive game as you go along.

This opens up the opportunity to win a huge progressive jackpot at any point in the game. If you fancy trying it out, look for the enable button in the top right hand corner of your game screen.

Download and try the Highway Kings game today!

Highway Kings is really a delightful game to play. With lots of colorful symbols and plenty to look forward to, you can really get a great time and have some fun trying to match up winning symbols as well. Will you be a winner?