Jazz Time Slots

Anyone who can appreciate the beauty of a masterfully played song will love the Jazz Time Slots game. This 5 reel, 9 payline game features everyone’s favorite instruments, potentially huge jackpots, and an entertaining bonus game. If you’re ready to truly experience the thrill of a great online slot, take time to learn more today!

Money is Music to the Ears

Online slots players know that they have to make a wager in order to win real cash in any game, including Jazz Times Slots. Gamblers will need to decide how many lines to bet on; experienced players know that wagering on all 9 increases the odds of hitting an amazing win. To wager, simply select a coin size between $0.01 and $5.00, determine how many coins to wager on each payline (players can choose up to 5), and start spinning the reels! The maximum per-spin wager for the game is $225. It’s easy to wager and win cash in Jazz Time Slots.

Of course, players must also bet cash in order to win any of the jackpots available in Jazz Time Slots. Those who receive 5 Microphones on the reels could win up to $50,000, assuming that they’ve bet 5 coins on the payline. Those only betting 4 coins per line could win a sweet $20,000 for 5 Microphones, and 3 coins could potentially score a tidy jackpot of $15,000. With amazing prizes like these, you’ll definitely want to play more than 2 coins at a time!

Appealing Graphics Make Jazz Time Slots Exciting

Gamblers will be pleased with the understated images on the reels that depict instruments and other music-related objects; some of these include the Drum, Drumstick, Guitar, Hi Hat, Piano, Snare Drum, Trumpet, Glass, Microphone, Saxophone, and the Trombone. These icons can all add up to awesome payline wins, but some of them serve more important purposes than the others; keep reading to find out more. Players looking for the Big Money Scatter Bonus will need to spin the Drumsticks, Snare, and Hi Hat in order to create the drum set. Once triggered, this bonus could bring an extra 350 coins to your bankroll! For your chance to win, start spinning the reels in Jazz Time Slots today.

Turn Up the Jams

Casino gamers who really get into bonus games are going to love the Jazz Jams Bonus. To trigger this game, simply spin 3 Pianos on the reels. Gamblers will then have the chance to choose an instrument on a second screen; if that instrument plays a song in harmony, the player wins cash. Of course, if the instrument chosen is out of tune, the bonus feature then ends. Either way, the Jazz Jams Bonus is a lot of fun.

It’s Jazz Time

Anyone who has ever enjoyed the beauty of truly great music will be thrilled with Jazz Time Slots. Although the game is missing a wild symbol, it offers two scatters, bonuses, and excellent graphics. Jazz Time Slots is available to both International and American players. For your chance to cash in on remarkable prizes and great entertainment, spin the reels in Jazz Time Slots .