Lucky Day At The Races Slots

Do you enjoy both horse racing and playing slot machines? Well, you know can have both in one game. When you play Lucky Day at the Races Slots game, you can enjoy the thrill of horse racing, along with the quick excitement of playing the slots machine.

Lucky Day at the Races Slots is a new video slots game that is sure to entertain. You can enjoy the crisp graphics and rich sound as you press the spin button to try and win a fortune.

Game Facts for Lucky Day at the Races Slots

The video slots game called Lucky Day at the Races has 5 reels and 20 paylines to win on. Winners are paid from left to right in the paylines. The game will only pay the on the highest win for each payline. Players will also have the opportunity for all their wagers to be multiplied on the payline. The smallest wager is $0.05 and above.

The graphics for this game is what will draw you to play and keep you interested. The symbol icons are what you would find for a horse racing slots machine. The symbols include cards from Ace to 10, Jockey, Horses, Trophy and Female Spectator. The Trophy is the wild symbol and the Female Spectator is the scatter symbol. There is also a bonus symbol, the Jockey.

Lucky Day at the Races Slots Bonus Features

This is a fun slots game with different features and a bonus game. The wild symbol, will substitute for other symbols other than the bonus and scatter symbols. This can cause a massive win when this happens. Three or more wild symbols will win 5,000 coins.

The scatter symbol will give slot players free spins depending on how many symbols they get on the reels. For example, players will need to obtain at least three scatter symbols to get at least 25 free spins. This will give even more chances to win money.

Players will need to obtain at least three scatter symbols. This will trigger the “Play the Ponies” bonus game. This game is quite interactive. The Play the Ponies bonus game involves choosing one of five different horses to win a race. The five horses will race together until the halfway mark of the race. At the halfway mark you will then see them start to fall behind or break away to win the race. Points are awarded depending on the horse chosen. The winnings a player receives is a combination of the wager per line and the bonus points won at the end of the game. Players can receive between 10 to 50 bonus points, depending on the horse that they have chosen.

So what are you waiting for? This is the time to get started with this new slots game. When you play Lucky Day at the Races slots game, you can win free spins and try your luck at winning the Play the Ponies bonus game.