Best Payout Online Slots UK

Everyone knows that some slot games pay out more than others. This is one of the most important factors to consider before choosing which slots to play.

Of course, enjoyment is a big thing to think about too. We wouldn’t play a slot with the highest RTP we could find if we didn’t think we would enjoy doing so. Some themes don’t appeal to us, whereas other ones do. The same applies to the way some slots are presented. We want good graphics and storylines as well as a good return to player value.

We’re going to look at that further here, as it is an important feature to watch out for when you are searching for the best payout online slots in the UK (and beyond).

What is the return to player percentage?

The higher the better – that is the most important thing to remember. The percentage should always be in the 95%+ range – in fact, 95% is considered quite low. You should ideally look for games that have a percentage of 97% or more to be sure of finding some of the best ones around.

Be aware that the RTP could vary depending on how a slot game is played. Some games have different modes you can play in, for instance. If you can wager an additional bet on a spin, you may find this comes with a different RTP. However, even if that increases the percentage, it may not give you a better chance of collecting prizes. Certainly, there is no guarantee.

What about the volatility of a slot game?

This isn’t related to the RTP value, although it is easy to see why some players might think it is. The volatility can be low, medium, or high. The more volatile a game is, the more uncertain your playing time will be. For example, a highly volatile slot game might see you playing for a long time with no prizes to show for it. However, you might then score several large prizes in quick succession.

At the opposite end of the scale, you would see a low volatility game that delivered a regular stream of smaller prizes. You could still pick up a larger prize, but the overall return is more consistent.

Each of these examples bears no relation to the RTP of a game though. A game with high volatility could have an RTP of 96%, whereas a low volatility game might earn an RTP of 98%. You need to look at both elements before deciding which games are best to play.

The best payouts always come from the games with the highest RTP. A 98% percentage means 98% of the monies taken from that slot over its lifetime will be paid out in prizes. That drops to 96% if you play a slot based on that percentage. So, make sure you always look for the best available percentage you can.