What Are the Best Payout Online Slots Uk?

Everyone wants to know about the best payouts for online slot games. At present, players living in the UK certainly are eager to get an answer to that query.

So, how can you find these slots to play? There are a few things to consider when you’re searching. What does the best payout mean? It could mean a few things, as you’ll see when we look at the topic here.

How high is the RTP value?

What does that mean, you might well ask? It is the return to player value, and every slot game has one. You’re looking for the highest percentage you can get here, and there are one or two games that reach 99%. One of the best examples is from NetEnt and they’ve called the game Mega Joker. They’re also behind the Blood Suckers slot with a 98% RTP value.

The values work over the life of the slot game rather than applying to just one session though. It’s a handy metric to look at, but it should form just part of the information you look at when considering a slot to play.

How big are the prizes paid out to players?

This is another way to think about the best payout potential. The best ones are the jackpot slots offering one or more progressive prizes. So, the potential certainly is huge but it is less likely to come your way than much smaller prizes from the same game.

The answer might also depend on which casino you visit

Each casino has its own mix of slot games. So, if payouts are important to you, look for a UK casino that has a strong mix of games with high RTPs, potential jackpots, and regular payouts. For some players, regular payouts may well be more important than anything else. They would mean the casinos regularly paying out prizes of all sizes to players could be more important.

Finding your best slots to play in the UK

You can find all the most competitive slots and casinos online if you use the search engines to bring you the best results for your country. You can see there are several ways to search for those results too, so make sure you are ready to hunt them down when you want to play.