Queen of Kings Slots

This is another great slot machine game based on the times of ancient ruins, pharaohs and ancient Egypt. This game is based on the Cleopatra being the last Pharaoh of Egypt and after she died took many riches with her. Queen Of Kings has many features and many of the symbols equate for something so further down in this article we will explain more about this great new game that features Cleopatra from beyond the grave and a chance at winning her two thousand years of wealth. Queen Of Kings is a 5 reel, 25 pay line slot machine. The denominations vary vastly and are as follows. The minimum bet is $0.01 per pay line and the maximum is $5 dollars per pay line and with that being said you can always bet up to 25 pay lines for a maximum bet of $125.00 per spin. Obviously the more money you wager the bigger chance at hitting big money. Play Queen Of Kings now and test your luck for free or for real cash.

The features of this elegant game

Queen Of Kings has many features and symbols that must be explained in order for the player (you) to understand the facts and how everything works in Queen Of Kings slots. There are scatter symbols, Substitute (wild card) and even a progressive jackpot which can be won in two different ways.

Scatter Symbol: The scatter symbol in Queen Of Kings is the Golden Scarab and to receive a winning spin you must have 3 or more scarabs appear on your reels and it does not matter whether it is left to right or right to left. Now if you do hit three or more scatters you are instantly playing the Golden Scarab free spin bonus which can be reactivated in the actual bonus itself adding up to a whole lot of money if your lucky! You are awarded 10 free spins and if even one golden scarab shows up while your spinning it will not activate more free spins but it will activate your total payout for that spin. This feature is the main bonus that player's look to activate on Queen Of Kings slots. Scatter payouts are won in any position and are the amount won is dependent on the wager based earlier before the spin.

Wild Symbols: Now the wild symbols are a little tricky to understand so you have to read carefully and it may take some playing for free to understand this method. Any random symbol can be chosen to be wild and every time that symbol comes up on any of the reels it is also wild. Wild Symbols are added onto the play screen and up to fifteen wild symbols can be added. All of your scatter wins are won even if they are replaced with a wild symbol and that is one of the first instances of that feature we have seen yet in any game! All of your wins are multiplied between a number of one and ten after the free spin bonus is over.

The great progressive jackpot

Progressive jackpots are always a great thing to have when playing a game like Queen Of Kings because you can be so far down on your luck and all of a sudden hit the jackpot and be counting your cash. Now you can either win the progressive jackpot in any random spin and the progressive jackpot winnings are then added to the player's other winnings in that spin.

Queen Of Kings slots machine is a great play with a lot of excitement and can be played here. Do not miss out on your chance to play a game with great graphics, outstanding interface and amazing sound input.