Microgaming Scoops Guinness World Record

Microgaming has managed to attain a certificate from Guinness World Records, confirming it paid out the biggest win for an online slots jackpot. One player managed to scoop a jackpot worth €17.8 million back in October 2015. This was the biggest win ever seen for an online jackpot, which won Microgaming the recognition from Guinness World Records.

They received their award at the ICE Totally Gaming 2016 event, which took place recently. They were rightly proud of the award and have since published pictures of the certificates they were given at the event.

Won with a 25p bet

Jon Heywood, the lucky winner of the fortune, managed to snag the progressive jackpot with a bet worth just 25p. He must have had the shock of his life when he realized it had triggered the massive payout.

In case you were wondering, €17.8 million in euros is worth around $20,086,000 US dollars. That’s a win that is definitely worth celebrating!

Microgaming is also recognized for creating a virtual reality roulette game

Microgaming is perhaps one of the best-known and loved online game providers. They have released plenty of exciting games over the years, and they are continually trying to come up with new ideas and games as well. This is a cutting-edge area of development, and they are clearly keen to stay ahead of the curve.

This was shown recently by their win at the International Gaming Awards. This was where they scooped the 2015 Innovator of the Year Award. This is always a highly-prized acknowledgement, so no doubt they were pleased to win.

How long will the Guinness World Record for the biggest online slot jackpot hold?

We’ve heard of other record-breaking jackpot wins as well, and it does make us wonder how long this record will hold too. Jon Heywood scooped a massive prize while playing a Microgaming slot, but there is every chance a progressive jackpot will climb a little higher than that amount and become the latest record breaker as well.

We await news of that with baited breath, as online slot players everywhere try to get a higher and bigger prize by playing one of the many progressive games available at casinos online today. Winning any major amount would be a life-changer, but when it goes into the millions, it is certainly an event you wouldn’t forget in a hurry. Congratulations to Microgaming on their award.