Jurassic World Slots

If you have been playing online slots for a couple of years, you may already have played the Jurassic Park slot. This has been very popular and many players have enjoyed the thrill of the game related to the original film.

However, things are set to get even better now, as Microgaming – the team behind the original slot game – has just signed a deal to create a game based on the Jurassic World film. The deal was made in agreement with Universal Brand Development, and according to reports the game should be released at some point later on this year (2016).

What do we know about the new slot game?

Actually, very little at the moment. However, the original slot was based on five reels and had the 243 ways to win format, and we suspect the same might be true of this new game. Anything less than 243 ways to win would surely be a step backwards, and we very much doubt that will be the case.

The original game saw various characters from the film – not to mention plenty of dinosaurs – appearing over a fixed background. The 3D nature of the slot drew you into the game and kept things interesting. You could get free spins if you had three amber symbols at a minimum, and you can see cut scenes from the movie too if you had three character symbols.

Information about Jurassic World

The movie was a big summer hit when it was released in 2015. It managed to bring in a massive $1.6 billion in ticket sales, and it currently holds the fourth position in terms of the biggest-grossing movies ever released.

There is talk of a sequel to Jurassic World too, so this game can surely only keep the level of interest up. As such, the deal could be an excellent move both for Universal and for Microgaming.

Keep watching for the new Jurassic World slot game later this year

While we don’t have a release date yet, it is pretty certain one will be announced in the run-up to the release. Everyone will be excited to see the new game and to give it a try, whether that is in free play mode or for real money prizes.

Whatever it turns out to be like, we think we’re guaranteed a great game still to come with Jurassic World slots.