The Dark Knight Slots

The Dark Knight Slots
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Types5-reel, bonus, progressive
ThemesComics, Adventure, Movies

Microgaming announced the release of a new, and much anticipated online slots game called The Dark Knight Online Slots. It is based on the popular comic books, movies and television shows for the popular Batman character, with a specific focus on "The Dark Knight" movie. The release of the game has not happened just yet, though it is scheduled to occur in the Summer of 2012. It is possible to know a bit about this game and the fun it is likely to offer.

Key Licensing Agreement Matters

Fans of the commit book theme will enjoy playing The Dark Knight Online Slots. Hands down, it is a big boost for the company who is entering into the licensing agreement that is likely to push it to bigger and better things. There is no doubt Microgaming will not disappoint fans with the release of this first, potentially of numerous other, slots.

What We Know

It is not possible to know all of the details about The Dark Knight Online Slots, but some information is available. It is likely the first game will release in July of 2012. It is also likely according to some sources that The Dark Knight Rises Online Slot, a second game, will release in the early portion of 2013. We know both games will have fantastic and state of the art technology built into them. They will likely feature the characters from both the DC comic books and the movies. Animation and clips from the motion pictures are likely to play a role in the actual concept.

Potential Details

It is likely, through speculation based on other Microgaming productions, that this game will include numerous bonus rounds, jackpots and short clips from the movie. Some experts suggestion, though no one is promising, that the game may even offer 3D graphics. If that is the case, it is sure to be a massive hit. The paylines, reels, and other details are not yet known or released from the company.

Looking for Something for Now?

While The Dark Knight Online Slots are not yet out, you can play a few other games right away. You may want to brush up on your super hero themed games like Playtech's Marvel Comics of the Hulk and Iron Man. The Lord of the Rings and Lara Croft Tomb Raiders are two games from Microgaming that may offer some input into what we can expect from The Dark Knight Online Slots.