Diamond Valley Pro Slots

If you are playing Diamond Valley Pro Slots , then in all likelihood, you have already been introduced to the original Diamond Valley. This is the second version of the popular video slots game offered by Playtech. Here you are searching for treasures that are hidden in the valley more precisely, you are looking for diamonds. This game offers different options and ways to keep you enticed and engaged so you will want to keep going spinning in the hopes you will be able to land the big payout you are trying to land.

How to Play

The best way to play is to know what you can bet and to know how it is you will be able to get to the big payout. This slot offers the option of up to 20 lines of payout. You are able to do this by placing bets that will range in coin values from $.01 all the way up to $.50. You are able to bet a max of 10 coins per line. This means that once you have gotten to the point of being able to place the bets you want, you will be able to then go and improve your chances of winning by increasing the amounts. In order to best maximize what you can win and how much, you need to be willing to go and place the bets and to maximize the lines all the way across, that is not to say you should be placing $100.00 on every spin, but you may end up working to that point to get your best chance.

Some of Options

There are different symbols and games within the game of Diamond Valley Pro, which you can play as well. These will allow you the chance to earn free spins and to be able to increase options without spending more. Some of the different little surprises will provide you with the chance to win free spins. This will allow you to increase your coin count, without needing to put in more coins to begin with. With so many different ways to play and win this is definitely something to consider. No matter how much you bet or how you want to line up your coins, Diamond Valley Pro, will give you a chance to get more out of the game than you imagined and will leave you wanting to get back to the slot all the more often.