Evolution Slots

Net Entertainment is an online casino gaming stalwart, boasting over fifteen years of casino gaming expertise. As an exclusively software-oriented outfit today, this Swedish-based giant is responsible for the new release of a science-themed video slot that's taking the online casino world by storm: Evolution. This is a high attention to detail video slot that takes you on a scientific journey into the progression of life from its meager beginnings to all its varied, present-day flair and majesty. You'll see creatures from the deep that you might first mistake as aliens, but are really just (much) earlier versions of your neighborhood fish aquarium. The fun has only just begun here, however; Evolution slots takes you on a nifty ride of imagination into the far future when you download now, and let's you surmise what kinds of creatures may walk the earth long after the doubly wise man is gone.

Evolution Slots Game Details

Evolution Slots is, first and foremost, an absolute visual feast. You truly haven't seen such involved and detailed graphics in Net Entertainment's take on the future of biological adaptation. The symbols are almost breathtaking in their level of detail and the myriad of spinning, twirling actions they take simply when spinning on the reels. Evolution is a 5 reel, 25 payline standard, with the full gamut of attributes to make for extended play: Scatters, Wild symbols, and Free spins galore. This non-progressive slot has a jackpot of 5000 coins, with a betting range from a quarter to $125 on 10 coins per betting line. When you get a load of the Free spins terms Evolution has to offer, you'll understand why the central theme is progress. Just download the relevant casino software for your chance to see science in progress – and win some money while you're at it!

The symbols on Evolution slots are both vague and familiar, and when you see them for yourself, you'll know exactly why. The graphically-intensive characters are like base animals already in existence, with various additions that they just might have in the future, when they evolve. From single celled organisms to multicellular giants, you'll encounter creatures with comically hair-raising monikers like the Albus Slugus, Basilisk Pluma and Draconius Rex. There's even a snail-like behemoth (the Albus Slugus) that you wouldn't want to encounter in any pet garden, as well as a mouse that looks like a grizzled mage. But in Evolution video slots, you'll want to get as many of them as you can for a night of Free spins and winning combinations.

Evolution Slot Specials

You'll want to encounter Wild symbol on the 2,3,4 and 5 reels, where it will replace all other symbols to give you a chance to enhance your take-home prizes. Evolution slots, more than any other video slot in recent memory, is all about Free spins; there are so many possible that it will make your head...well, spin. You can get the Free Spin symbol in tens, fifteens and twenties, depending on where and in what quantity they appear on the reels. The symbols themselves change in exciting and cool ways to match your foray into the world of Free spins on Evolution slots, with active evolution taking place with the characters as you keep winning. Right before your eyes, a snail will become a tusked mollusk or something of that nature!

With Evolution slots, Net Entertainment has upped the ante with this new caliber of online casino gaming video software. Keeping you engrossed in the game on two fronts – the sheer excitement of gameplay as well as the entertainment-quality graphics. Download now to see what the fuss is all about and why science is truly fun.